Boardgame Bulletin 23-4: We’re going to need a bigger…Kickstarter. Funding Sharks! from The Dietz Foundation

As a general rule I don’t do paid advertising. I also don’t usually shill for anybody else except maybe Armchair Dragoons because Brant is kind enough to give me a platform for publishing some of my trite thoughts. When it comes to Kickstarters I usually just let them run their course.

I am breaking my self-imposed norms this time to appeal to all of you about the boardgame Sharks! that The Dietz Foundation is trying to fund on Kickstarter. I’m a bit worried because with 10 days to go they are short of their goal. I hope that a few of you might be consider backing this game.

Sharks! components (via The Dietz Foundation)

Personally, I support Sharks! for two reasons. First, I feel the educational elements of the game make this an excellent candidate for Mrs. RockyMountainNavy to use when teaching her elementary school-age students. Though she is usually hired to teach them English and math, she often sets aside some time for them to play games with herself or the RockyMountainNavy Boys or me. It is part of making them better people. The RockyMountainNavy family strongly believes that boardgames are excellent tools for teaching all kinds of social skills. Importantly, this is done in a fun manner. Sharks! looks to be a game that not only educates, but entertains as it does.

Second, I believe in the mission of The Dietz Foundation.

The Dietz Foundation began in July 2018, created by Jim Dietz, with the dream of making a difference in American society by helping teachers learn alternative means of education in the classroom; endowing scholarships at high schools for students going into education; endowing scholarships at the collegiate level for students pursuing teaching certificates; and teaching the general public through the play of games.

The Dietz Foundation, About Us

Games to teach. By supporting The Dietz Foundation gamers are giving teachers and students a chance to learn for their future. I mean, look at this Stretch Goal: For every $3,000 past the goal, the Foundation will make three cases (18 copies) of the game available free of charge to schools.”

Granted, the Kickstarter campaign as posted is maybe not the most exciting or inspirational pitch out there. Which is why I am making this added personal appeal. If you are a family gamer, or know a family that could use a little come-together motivation, please consider backing Sharks!

Feature image courtesy The Dietz Foundation © 2007-2023 by Ian B is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

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