Wargame (Reading) Library

A (slightly) annotated bibliography of the wargame or related gaming texts in my library (both deadtree and electronic). Click on title link to find latest posted update…

Seminal Texts

These are the primary works on wargaming. If you only read these you can’t go wrong.

Excellent reading to further expand on the seminal texts.

Wargaming Books

Updated July 2022..Titles that are related to wargaming, often with a focus on the history of the profession/hobby.

Alternate History/FICINT

Updated July 2022. Excellent fodder for helping think about the “what if” in a wargame.

Military Science for Wargamers

Updated July 2022.Not strictly wargaming but useful texts for designers and players.

Wargaming Studies/Journal/Magazine Articles/Blog Postings

Updated August 2022. Way too many to track but here are a few.

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