2022 By the Numbers – #Boardgames

Look strictly “at the numbers,” I actually acquired more tabletop roleplaying items in 2022 than I did boardgames. The difference is that the majority of my RPG purchases are digital but none of my boardgame purchases are.

Total Boardgame Acquisitions in 2022 – 22

Accessories – 10 / Boardgames – 22 / Roleplaying Games – 27 / Wargames – 31

24% of total Gaming Purchases (22 of 90 items)

Core Games 16 / Expansions or Updates 6

I usually think of boardgames as “My #2” in terms of my hobby focus. This year I tracked all those RPG expansions I bought which unbalance the numbers towards that part of my hobby gaming. That said, talking strictly in terms of “core games” would put boardgames back above RPGs yet stil behind wargames which is a better descriptor of its place.

Publishers – 17

Academy Games+Apollo Games 1 / Amigo 1 / Blue-Orange Games 1 / Dire Wolf 1 / Designer Made 1 / GMT Games 1 / Hollandspeile 1 / Knights Unity 1 / Leder Games 2 / Piecekeeper Games 1 / Plague Island Games 1 / SchilMil Games 2 / Space Cowboys 1 / Turnup Games 1 / White Dog Games 1 / Unknown (Korea) 1 / Z-Man Games 2

Hard to say that I had a “favorite” publisher this year. If I had to pick one, It would be Z-Man Games because both of the items acquired in 2022 from them were actual games whereas the multiple items from Leder Games and SchilMil were all expansions.

Some of the Grognards that follow me might be asking what the GMT Games “boardgame” I bought this year was. That would be Cuba Libre (2013) though I could make an argument that Plains Indian Wars or Flashpoint: South China Sea should also be considered boardgames and not wargames (hmmm…).

BoardGameGeek Subdomains – 6

Abstract 2 / Children’s 2 / Family 1 / Sports 1 / Strategy 7 / Thematic 3

Another year of results to remind me just how useless the BGG Subdomain categories really are. Isn’t a “Family” game just a thematically-friendy strategy/children’s/sports game?

Digital vs. Deadtree – 2 : 20

The two computer games I picked up this year are actually digital implementations of games I already own in deadtree version: Root (Dire Wolf – Leder Games) and Scythe (Knights Unity – Stonemaier Games) . I picked these games up because I am traveling more (long international flights) and I really just don’t enjoy watching movies on a plane. So I am building out my iOS library for the iPad…

Feature image courtesy RMN

RockyMountainNavy.com © 2007-2022 by Ian B is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

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