2022 Game Accessory By the Numbers / Accessory of the Year #boardgame #wargame

Dice sets, gaming magazines, miniatures, play aids and terrain. Basically items not necessary to play but that “help” in playing.

By the Numbers

Total Gaming Accessories Acquired in 2022 – 10

11% of total Gaming Purchases (10 of 90 items)

Dice Sets 5 / Gaming Magazines 2 / Miniatures 1 / Play Aids 1 / Terrain 1

This year I started tracking all those nice dice sets I collect. I keep my Gold-/Silver-/Bronze-/Aluminum-plated 16mm Chessex dice on my desktop to have an easy-to-reach collection for immediate use. I also made my obligatory purchases of The Naval SITREP magazines. The play aid is aircraft and missile data cards for Red Storm: Baltic Approaches. The terrain is landmarks for Root that make the ownership of clearings much more “clear.” The miniatures are the alternate tan-colored Droid Army for Star Wars: The Clone Wars that don’t get lost in the background like the purple originals but look a bit too much like the color of the Jedi Generals; this creates confusion in some players minds.

2022 Accessory of the Year

Winner – Aircraft & Missile Data Cards for Red Storm: Baltic Approaches (Play Aid)

Moving the aircraft and missile data to cards vice the in-the-box charts is a game-changer during play. These play aids, available after-market through The Game Crafter, have become a no-brainer, automatic purchase. I understand GMT Games is trying to keep the cost of their games down, and maybe adding this product into the box is cost-prohibitive, but oh my does it make play that much better.

Winner 2022 RMN Accessory of the Year – Aircraft & Missile Data Cards for Red Storm: Baltic Approaches

Feature image courtesy RMN

RockyMountainNavy.com © 2007-2022 by Ian B is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

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