#Family Friday – RockyMountainNavy’s #Boardgame Heritage – Korean Edition

To say that games are part of the RockyMountainNavy Family DNA is maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but in many ways it’s very descriptive. Memories of my youngest days include playing family games like Othello and Waterworks. I have been playing wargames and role-playing games since 1979. In the mid-2000’s Mrs. RMN encouraged me to start gaming with the RMN kids. Indeed, the first post on this blog was on March 6, 2007 and featured a family game, Gulo Gulo (Zoch Velang, 2003), which is still a favorite of the RMN Family more than a decade later. Through that time we have played many games with family and friends, and Mrs. RMN has used games for helping teach her students. Recently, Mrs. RMN travelled to see family in South Korea (after a long COVID-driven hiatus) and brought back a game for the family.

Yut is listed on BoardGameGeek as Yut Nori, an ancient Korean racing game dating back to circa 500 AD. Our copy is a standard “tourist” edition published for foreigners who want to play the game.

Opening the box one finds the cover turns into the game board and the different sticks and markers.

Yut – Contents

The rules are…in Korean? Oh no!

Yut – Rule Book

Whew…English rules are provided (as well as Japanese and Chinese…like I said, an “export” version of the game).

Yut – English rules

The bulk of the rule book for Yut is not rules, but how Korean fortune-tellers use the sticks to tell your fortune. My mother-in-law is a big “believer” in fortune-tellers, often seeking their advice on what seems like a weekly basis.

Yut for fortune-telling

Mrs. RMN’s eldest sister knows that we are a gaming family, so she took it upon herself to add a bit of a special “upgrade” to our game.

Our Yut “upgrade”

For our family Yut game Mrs. RMN’s eldest sister made this game board in a very traditional Korean style using silk and hand-stitching.

Yut custom, hand-made silk game board

Mrs. RMN has many memories of playing Yut at holiday gatherings with the family. I too have memories of sitting around a board with plenty of beer (or Soju) and playing with my brothers-in-law. The RMN kids have few memories of this game, but Mrs. RMN wants to share her (our!) heritage with them. We will be putting Yut into the holiday family gaming line up to not just help remember the past, but to make memories for our future too.

All photos and feature image by self

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1 thought on “#Family Friday – RockyMountainNavy’s #Boardgame Heritage – Korean Edition

  1. Superb! The silk board gives you bragging rights every time you play the game ! Drinking Soju gives you bragging rights at any mercenary gathering world wide where they are knocking back gallons of Miller Lite 🙂

    Regards, Chris.

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