Spring Break Games

Got home from work a bit early today.  While Jr. was sleeping I challenged the older kids to a few games.

First up, Gulo Gulo.  First time playing for A.  He got a bit aggressive and was sent far back.  I won the first game.  Second game A was a bit better, but T was able to squek out a norrow victory.

Next was a 4-way game of Hey! That’s My Fish!  A got cutoff just after I did.  Final Score:

G-39, T-24, A-23, Me-19.

Still have not got a game of Battlelore in this break.  Maybe Friday….

Spring Break Starts

Stayed home Friday and got a few games in with the kids.

 First up, Hey! That’s My Fish played with G, T and Jr.  Jr. had no strategy or planning, moving his penguins just one floe at a time.  G went to cut T off and T fought back.  I tried to keep out of the way.  Surprisingly, Jr. ended up winning the second game when he succeeded in cutting off a major section all to himself!

Second was Gulo GuloT really likes this game and Jr. participates by resetting the alarm for us when it falls.  I won the first game and G won the second.

International Navy Update

Interesting item from Hong Kong Kuang Chiao Ching :

Information sources from the US Congress and Navy reveal that US forces will transfer four Ohio-class ballistic missile nuclear submarines, which have been stationed for years in the Atlantic Ocean and were originally targeted against Russia, from the naval submarine base Kings Bay, headquarters of Submarine Force Atlantic Fleet, on the east coast of the United States, to the Bangor Submarine Base on the Pacific coast. After that, depending on the situation in the unforeseeable future, the navy will deploy an additional nuclear submarine of the same class to Bangor Base, thereby changing the ratio of US ballistic missile nuclear submarines in the Atlantic and the Pacific from 9:5 to 5:9. With the changes in deployment of forces, more attack nuclear submarines will be transferred to the Asia-Pacific region. This shows that the US military has thoroughly discarded the strategic principle, which had been in place since the Cold War, of prizing Europe over Asia, and has clearly established the national strategy of prizing Asia over Europe that has been brewing since the 911 incident. Simply and flatly put, this is a change from targeting Russia in the past to targeting China more. (my emphasis).

Also, today Russia celebrates the 101st anniversary of her Navy submarine forces establishment.

ROKN Amphib“Photo News:” Armored amphibious vehicles of the ROK 1st Marine Division’s Armored Amphibious Craft Battalion are being loaded into So’nginpong-ham during loading training held near P’ohang on 15 March. (The Kukpang Ilbo’s Internet homeage, 16 March)

Monday Night Games

Played a few games tonight…

Two games of Blokus Travel against G. First game G somehow cut herself off and left me to play my last few pieces without interference. This may have been my all-time low-score (6). Second game was much more competative with me losing by a mile.

This was followed by two games of Gulo Gulo with both G and T.  I was able to win both.  Also discovered we had been playing a certain rule wrong, but that will be cleared up next time.  The cutest part of the game is watching Jr. place the alarm in the nest.  This is his job and he takes it very seriously!

Quality Time With My Wife

Travel BlokusStarted what I hope is a new event for the evenings.  My wife likes few games but Travel Blokus (BGG link http://www.boardgamegeek.com/game/16395) is one of the few that she will play.  A simple 2-player game where each player has to lay down their pieces to claim territory.  The only rule is that you can only lay down your pieces corner-to-corner; your edges cannot touch.  The winner is the person who lays down the most pieces.

Tonight was a very close game, about 20 minutes long.  She won 16-17.  She commented it was a good, quick way to take our minds off the day.  Worked very well playing one game after dinner with tea/coffee.

New Game: Gulo Gulo

Gulo Gulo BoxBought a new game for the kids.  Gulo Gulo (the name means “wolverine”) is a great kids dexterity game in which each player must pick various colored eggs out of the bowl without tipping over the”alarm.”  Little kids have the advantage of smaller fingers while adults can offset that seeming advantage but using a bit more strategy (guile?) in getting to the end.  Can be used for ages 4 and up, although the box says 5 and up, since there are no words to be read.

 Great family game.  Highly recommended!

 BGG Link is http://www.boardgamegeek.com/game/6351