My 2019 #wargame #boardgame year ‘By the Numbers’

This time of the year everybody in the gaming world seems to be doing a Top 10 list. As I get ready to consider my Game of the Year I first looked back on all the games I acquired this year and decided to do some simple analytics. Along the way, I discovered a few surprises in my gaming acquisitions and plays. So here is my 2019 ‘By the Numbers.”

Total Titles Acquired – 56

I kept a 2019 Acquisitions GeekList on BGG. This was a simple way for me to keep a running log of the games as they arrived.

  • Full Games = 36 (64%)
  • Expansions = 20 (36%)
  • Wargames (Games + Expansions) = 28 (50%)
  • Waro Games = 7 (12.5%)
  • Strategy Games + Expansions = 11 (20%)
  • Family Games + Expansions = 6 (11%)
  • Thematic Games + Expansions = 4 (7.3%)
  • Published in 2019 = 31 (55%)

After 2018 Mrs. RockyMountainNavy asked me to slow down in my gaming acquisitions. Didn’t quite work; this year I acquired 56 games as compared to 45 last year (an increase of 25%). Whoops! Sorry, dear!

As a wargamer I’m not surprised that over 60% of my acquisitions were wargame or waro designs. I am surprised at the number of expansions I bought; I usually don’t buy that many but this year there were so many good ones offered!

I try to not be a slave to the Cult of the New but apparently I can’t help myself with just over half my new acquisitions being published this year.

Game Titles by Era

  • World War II = 15 (26.7%)
  • Science Fiction = 14 (25%)
  • Post-WWII/Cold War = 13 (23.2%)
  • Modern = 8 (14.3%)
  • Fantasy = 5 (9%)
  • 18th/19th Century = 4 (7%)

Was mildly surprised by how many science fiction titles I acquired. I usually see myself as more of a historical gamer but maybe not as much as I thought….

Acquisition Means

  • Purchase Secondary Market = 16 (28.5%)
  • Purchase Direct from Publisher = 15 (26.7%)
  • Kickstarter = 13 (23.2%)
  • GMT P500 = 8 (14.3%)
  • Trade/Chain of Generosity = 4 (7%)

Almost one-third bought on the secondary market (i.e. not direct from publisher but through another seller)? Those games usually cost more money; I hope I was buying them on sale or on some sort of discount!

Nearly one-quarter of my games from Kickstarter? I try to be very cagey with my Kickstarter pledges; maybe I need to button down on myself! Then again, several companies like Stronghold Games or Canvas Temple Publishing or Worthington Publishing use Kickstarter as their pre-order system.

Games Played

This year I once again used the Board Game Stats app to track my games played.

  • Total Plays = 220 (DOWN 39% from 2018)
  • Games Played = 119 (UP 13% from 2018)
  • ‘Quarters’ (25+ plays) = 0 (1 in 2018)
  • “Dimes’ (10-24 plays) = 2 (10 in 2018)
  • ‘Nickels’ (5-9 plays) = 3 (8 in 2018)

So…compared to 2018 I played more games overall but for a fewer number of times. Not surprised since last year ~25% of my game plays were quick, easy, family and kid games like Rhino Hero or Happy Salmon, Animal Upon Animal or ICECOOL.


I gave myself three challenges in 2019. I came close but actually didn’t finish any of them.

The challenges accounted for nearly half of the different games played and something like a quarter of my total game plays. Between the challenges and new titles I didn’t have much other room to play games. Next year – fewer challenges to give myself more ‘me’ game time.

So…how did you do in 2019?

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  1. I love stats; thanks for sharing!

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