Record Rhino Hero (HABA, 2011)

The main game for Game Night was finished but the RockyMountainNavy Boys were not quite ready to hit the sack. Youngest RMN asked, “How about a short game?”

After a short discussion, we pulled Rhino Hero (HABA, 2011) out. Rhino Hero is a dexterity game where you place floors atop walls to build the tallest building with the Rhino Hero pawn inside and not knock it over.

Leaning & shaking with 13 floors. Rhino is hidden within near the middle…

In the first game we built the structure up 13 stories. The RMN Boys cannot ever remember a Rhino Hero building this high. Of course, it was me who knocked it over on the 14th-level!

We ended up playing three games total but none of the other buildings got near the height of the first game. The last game came close and was all-the-more-difficult because we started with the single-wall base structure instead of the usual (and more stable) two-wall first floor.

According to my BGStats appRhino Hero is my most-played game of 2018 with 36 recorded plays. No wonder; a short, fun game where everyone laughs. Don’t let the kiddie graphics fool you, Rhino Hero is a serious game that deserves to be in a family game collection.

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