Zhongli Quan Traveller/Tomorrow’s War Campaign – Week 1 First Strike

This Mercenary Campaign uses Spica Publishing’s Outer Veil (OV) Traveller RPG setting for background.  The Campaign Game Resolution System is a combination of the Conflict chapter of Mongoose Publishing’s Traveller Hammer’s Slammers (HS) setting book and Tomorrow’s Campaign from Osprey Publishing/Ambush Alley Games Tomorrow’s War (TW). All combat actions are fought using Tomorrow’s War.

Basic Campaign Flow

The war is fought in weekly segments. Scenarios are either designated or created using Tomorrow’s War Mission Generator (TW 176). Victory Conditions generate Mission Result DMs that are used for monthly Conflict checks in accordance with the Conflict chapter in Hammer’s Slammers (HS 182).

Click here for Campaign Background and Forces.

Gun Truck (Courtesy http://www.100thww2.org)

First Strike (Zhongli Quan Campaign Week 1)

Jane’s Dragons leads the first attack after landing. The target is a mechanized infantry company compound. As the Loyalist unit is still mobilizing, limited opposition is expected.

  • Duration of Game: 8 Turns
  • Initiative: Wild Raiders for Turn 1 and 2; test thereafter
  • Special Conditions: Night
  • Fog of War: Generated normally by Reaction Tests
  • Table Size: 2’x2’
    • Garrison Layout: Central HQ/Admin Bldg (Average Bldg -6D/Decent Construction D8, command bunker in basement) surrounded by 3x Platoon Barracks (single story Weak Bldgs – 3D, Shoddy Construction D6); central motorpool with 3x vehicle sheds (Weak Bldgs – 6D, Shoddy Construction D6) with each shed housing 1x Jeep, 4x Troop Carriers, 1x Gun Truck. Garrison surrounded by barbed wire fence (no cover) with 4x guard towers (light fortification with searchlights at one level above ground) and ECP with Guard Shack (light fortification).
    • Hotspots: All placed within 3” of barracks buildings

Wild Raiders Mission

  • Objective is to Overrun Mechanized Infantry Company Headquarters. Destroy C2 and vehicles. The garrison will likely have a security force patrolling the perimeter with additional forces on call from barracks. All vehicles will likely be in their vehicle sheds.
  • Operational Momentum Points: 2d6-2 (Recently landed, still organizing; not yet fully linked up with Citizen’s Movements forces)
  • Rules of Engagement: Citizen’s Movement desires to minimize casualties to Loyalist military forces in effort to draw them away from the Loyalist.
  • Victory Points
    • HQ Command Bunker Destroyed (At least 3x Merc soldiers spend complete turn in bunker – unpinned – with no movement or combat): 10 pts
    • Per Loyalist jeep destroyed/immobilized: 2 pts
    • Per Loyalist troop carrier destroyed/immobilized: 3 pts
    • Per Loyalist gun truck destroyed/immobilized: 5 pts
    • **All vehicles in a shed are destroyed if at least 3x Merc soldiers spend complete turn inside shed – unpinned- with no movement and no combat **
    • Per Loyalist infantry killed or seriously wounded: -1 pt

Loyalist Mechanized Infantry Company

  • Objective is to defend HQ and protect vehicles; battalion is mobilizing and will be a vital part of suppressing enemy forces by acting as a rapid response counterinsurgency force.
  • Operational Momentum Points: 0
  • Security Force
    • 1x Platoon on Guard Duty (5x Fireteams)
    • Secretly Roll 1d6. If 5+ then 1x Gun Truck out of shed on security (deploys as a hidden unit)
    • Starting Turn 3, roll 1d6. Result is number of additional Loyalist Fireteams ready for action. For each fireteam roll for random hotspot location. Maximum fireteams placed in play by this means is 10
  • Victory Points
    • Per Mercenary Killed or Seriously wounded: 3 pts
    • Per undamaged Jeep at end of game: 1 pt
    • Per undamaged Troop Carrier at end of game: 2 pts
    • Per undamaged Gun Truck at end of game: 3 pts
  • Mission Result (Used as Mission DM for HS 182-183)
    • Compare VPs
      • Wild Raiders 3:1 or better = Exceptional Success +2 DM
      • Wild Raiders 2:1 but less than 3:1 = Success +1 DM
      • Wild Raiders less than 2:1 but better than 1:1 = Partial Success +0 DM
      • Loyalist less than 2:1 but better than 1:1 = Partial Failure -0 DM
      • Loyalist 2:1 but less than 3:1 = Failure -1 DM
      • Loyalist 3:1 of better = Dismal Failure -2 DM

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