Zhongli Quan Traveller/Tomorrow’s War Campaign Background

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This Mercenary Campaign uses Spica Publishing’s Outer Veil (OV) Traveller RPG setting for background.  The Campaign Game Resolution System is a combination of the Conflict chapter of Mongoose Publishing’s Traveller Hammer’s Slammers (HS) setting book and Tomorrow’s Campaign from Osprey Publishing/Ambush Alley Games Tomorrow’s War (TW). All combat actions are fought using Tomorrow’s War.

Basic Campaign Flow

The war is fought in weekly segments. Scenarios are either designated or created using Tomorrow’s War Mission Generator (TW 176). Victory Conditions generate Mission Result DMs that are used for monthly Conflict checks in accordance with the Conflict chapter in Hammer’s Slammers (HS 182).


Zhongli Quan is a Frontier World (Aningan 0327/OuterVeil); a world that is relatively newly colonized and far from the Core Worlds. The planet is Size 7 (11,200km diameter, gravity .9 Earth-standard) that is 50% water with a thin atmosphere. The temperate climate resulted in a garden world with a complex biosphere making it a good agricultural producer, but the low technology (Traveller TL5/Tomorrow’s War TL1) and government (Self-Perpetuating Oligarchy) restricts industrialization (Low Tech, Non-Industrial) of the 9 million inhabitants. (OV 90-92,118)

Megacorporation TYC is the major supporter of the Zhongli Quan government, based mostly on a shared Chinese-Russian cultural heritage. More recently, Barnard Conglomerate covertly explored the Asteroid Belt and discovered it is of good quality (+2 Belt Quality, OV 118). The presence of an FNH Scout Base on Zhongli Quan means Barnard cannot just belt without anyone on the planet knowing, and early negotiations broke down over profit sharing. Looking to sign a belting agreement with a more friendly government, Barnard started supporting Citizen’s Movement, a small political party dedicated to overthrowing the reigning government controlled by the Loyalist Party. Barnard is now impatient and pushed Citizen’s Movement to rebel, though they are woefully lacking in strength compared to the government (Citizen’s Movement: 4; Loyalist: 9). The Capital is divided, and the military (composed of one active duty infantry battalion and two reserve battalions –one armor and one mechanized infantry) remains loyal to the government. The Loyalist Party believes their greater political strength, and a combination of a loyal military force fighting on familiar terrain is sufficient to crush Citizen’s Movement. Barnard hired Smith’s Wild Raiders, a Good Quality mercenary unit, to turn the tide against the Loyalist government. (All political background generated using HS 176-179)

Military Forces

Smith’s Wild Raiders

Your unit is a Platoon of Smith’s Wild Raiders (Good Merc Unit, DM+2, Cost 2 – HS 180), a Mercenary Striker Battalion equipped at TL 9 (Tomorrow’s War TL2). The Mercenary Ticket is for a Striker Elimination mission for a period of no longer than 7 weeks. The target for the unit is the Loyalist reserve battalions; the ticket calls for the elimination of the units before they can mobilize or, failing that, their destruction in the field. Once those units have been eliminated, the Raiders will spearhead the Citizen’s Movement attack on the Capital.

Smith’s Wild Raiders General Attributes

  • Troop Quality/Morale: Veteran (D8), Good Morale (D10)
  • Confidence Level: High
  • Supply Quality Level: Normal
  • Overall Tech Level: 2
  • On Grid? Yes
  • Body Armor: TL2, Hard (2D)

Your Platoon is nominally designated as 3rd Platoon, Gamma Company. Colloquially known as Jane’s Dragons, it is made up of the following personnel (internal assets):

  • Jane’s Dragons
    • 1x Platoon HQ Squad
    • 3x Rifle Squads
    • Platoon HQ
      • Lt Jane Dragoon (Leadership +1)
      • SFC Dynx (Leadership +1)
      • PFC (Comms Operator)
      • Rifle Squad (x3)
        • SSG (Squad Leader)
        • 3x Rifle Fireteams
        • Rifle Fireteam
          • SGT (Fire Team Leader)
          • 2x Riflemen
          • 2x Auto Riflemen (SAW) TL2 TST, Lt AP:1
          • 2x Grenadier (TacMissile) TL2 TacMsl, Med AP: 2/AT:1 (L)

The platoon can call on the following external assets using Operational Momentum Points (OMP):

  • Weapons Squad
    • SSG (Squad Leader)
    • ATGM Team – (x2 soldiers) – 6 Operational Momentum Points
      • TL2 ATGM (4D, Negates ERA, Performs Deck Attack)
  • Heavy Wpns Team (x2 soldiers each)  – 3 Operational Momentum Points
    • TL2 ABW, Med AP:2, AT:2 (M)
    • Mortar Section
      • SSG (Squad Leader)
      • SGT (Asst Squad Leader)
      • Lt. Mortar Team (x2, x2 soldiers each)  – 3 Operational Momentum Points
        • TL2 ABW, Med AP:2
  • Other Assets Available (Asset – OMP Cost)
    • Fireteam from Own Platoon – 2
    • Infantry Squad from Own Platoon – 5
    • Soft-Skin Transport – 3
    • Artillery – Off-Board Hvy Arty AP:10/AT:2(H)(8” radius) – 8
    • Radio Jamming Team – 4 (Vehicle mounted; driver, 1x Technician, 2x Security)
    • Recon Drone – 6 (Stealthy; cannot be tracked by Loyalist Air Defense)
    • Citizen’s Movement Fireteam – 1
    • Citizen’s Movement Technical – 3

Citizen’s Movement Militia (CMM)

Citizen’s Movement fields the equivalent of an irregular battalion of troops (Tomorrow’s War Irregular TL1) although they usually deploy in Fireteam-sized units (known as Resistance Cells). These cells occasionally are supported by a Technical (though the design varies, they are often referred to as the Green Snake). The Citizen’s Movement military arm is led by Jeng Shipung, formerly a member of the Central Military Commission but ousted from the Loyalist Party after advocating reforms. General Jeng has a skill of Tactics (Military)-3.

Citizen’s Movement Irregular Infantry General Attributes

  • Troop Quality/Morale: Untrained/Green (D6), Good Morale (D10)
  • Confidence Level: Confident
  • Supply Quality Level: Poor
  • Overall Tech Level: 1
  • On Grid? No
  • Body Armor: N/A
  • Attributes: Indigenous Scout when attached to Raider unit
  • CMM Fireteam/Resistance Cell
    • Squad Leader
    • 3x Rifleman
    • 1x Gunner w/ SAW (TL1, LT. AP: 1)
  • Green Snake (Qing She) Technical
    • TL1, Soft-Skinned, Wheeled Vehicle
    • Firepower: GPMG (TL1 Med AP:2)
    • Armor (F/S/R/D): 1D6/1D6/1D6/1D6
    • Crew: 1+3
    • Attributes: TL1 Armor, No Sensors (-1 to Reaction Rolls), Technical

Loyalist People’s Army (LPA)

The Loyalist army consists of an active duty infantry battalion that nominally guards the Capital. There are two other battalions – one armor and one mechanized infantry – in a reserve status. Generally speaking, the active duty battalion is considered politically reliable and trained. It is historically used for crowd control; hence its Despised attribute. The reserve battalions are of a lesser quality, with the costly armored battalion being the least trained, motivated, and supplied. Plans call for the mechanized infantry battalion to be fully activated in 2 weeks whereas the armor battalion will take 5 weeks to activate. All the forces are equipped to the level of a Tomorrow’s War TL1 Regular standard. Due to the thin atmosphere there is no Aerospace Force. The overall commander of the Loyalist Army is Bo Xilang. General Bo has a skill of Tactics (Military)-1 as he owes his position more to being a political sycophant of the ruling council than an effective military leader.

The Loyalist Army has the advantage of familiar terrain. All sighting/hiding related checks are made using one TQ higher quality. FOr example, a TQ 8 Infantry Battalion team with tries to go into hiding (TW 80). The unit rolls as if it is TQ 1o. Note: The familiar terrain advantage also applies to Citizen’s Movement Militia.

Loyalist Infantry Battalion General Attributes

  • Troop Quality/Morale: Trained/Moderately Experienced (D8), Average Morale (D8)
  • Confidence Level: Confident
  • Supply Quality Level: Normal
  • Overall Tech Level: 1
  • On Grid? No
  • Body Armor: TL1, Jack/Lt Body (1D)
  • Attributes: Despised
  • Typical Squad:
    • Leader (Leadership per Leadership Rating Table, TW 174, with -1 DM)
    • 2x Fireteams
  • LPA Infantry Fireteam
    • Team Leader
    • 3x Riflemen
    • 1x Support Wpn (TL1 TST, Lt AP:1)

Loyalist Mechanized Infantry Battalion General Attributes

  • Troop Quality/Morale: Trained/Low Experience (D6), Average Morale (D8)
  • Confidence Level: Confident
  • Supply Quality Level: Normal
  • Overall Tech Level: 1
  • On Grid? No
  • Body Armor: TL1, Jack/Lt Body (1D)
  • Typical Squad:
    • Leader (Leadership per Leadership Rating Table, TW 174, with -1 DM)
    • 8x Rifleman
    • 1x Support Wpn (TL1 TST, Lt AP:1)
  • Red Fox (Hong Hu) Troop Carrier
    • TL1, Soft-Skinned, Wheeled Vehicle
    • Firepower: GPMG (TL1 Med AP:2)
    • Armor (F/S/R/D): 2D6/2D6/2D6/1D6
    • Crew: 1+12
    • Attributes: TL1 Armor, TL1 Sensors
  • Red Hawk (Hong Ying) Gun Truck
    • TL1, Soft Skinned, Wheeled Vehicle
    • Firepower: 75mm Fixed Main Gun (TL1 TST, AP:3/AT:3(M))
      • Limited Traverse ( +/-15 degrees from front facing)
    • Armor (F/S/R/D): 2D6/2D6/2D6/1D6
    • Crew: 5
    • Attributes: TL1 Armor, TL1 Sensors

Loyalist Armor Battalion General Attributes

  • Troop Quality/Morale: Trained/Low Experienced (D6), Low Morale (D6)
  • Confidence Level: Confident to Low
  • Supply Quality Level: Normal to Poor
  • Overall Tech Level: 1
  • On Grid? No
  • Body Armor: TL1, Jack/Lt Body (1D)
  • Red Dragon (Hong Long) Main Battle Tank
    • TL1, Heavy, Tracked Vehicle
    • Firepower: 100mm Main Gun (TL1 TST, AP:4/AT:4(H))
    • MGs: 3D
    • Armor (F/S/R/D): 3D10/2D10/1D8/1D6
    • Crew: 3
    • Attributes: TL1 Armor, TL1 Sensors, Slow Turret

Loyalist Army Operational Momentum Points Cost

Note: Week 1 is a set scenario with 0 Operational Momentum Points for the Loyalist player.

  • Infantry Fireteam: 2 pts
  • Infantry Squad: 5 pts
  • Mechanized Infantry Squad (Squad + Troop Carrier): 8 pts
  • Mechanized Infantry Gun Truck: 6 pts
  • Heavy Tank:  8 pts (available Week 4 or later only)
  • Infantry and Mechanized Infantry have gun sections that are not depicted above but available using Operational Momentum Points
    • AT Gun Section (1x Lt Arty): 6 pts
    • Infantry Gun Section (1x Hvy Arty): 8 pts
    • Howitzer Section (fires as Heavy Mortar Salvo): 7 pts

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