Zhongli Quan Traveller/Tomorrow’s War Campaign – Weeks 2 & 3

This Mercenary Campaign uses Spica Publishing’s Outer Veil (OV) Traveller RPG setting for background.  The Campaign Game Resolution System is a combination of the Conflict chapter of Mongoose Publishing’s Traveller Hammer’s Slammers (HS) setting book and Tomorrow’s Campaign from Osprey Publishing/Ambush Alley GamesTomorrow’s War (TW). All combat actions are fought using Tomorrow’s War.

Basic Campaign Flow

The war is fought in weekly segments. Scenarios are either designated or created using Tomorrow’s War Mission Generator (TW 176). Victory Conditions generate Mission Result DMs that are used for monthly Conflict checks in accordance with theConflict chapter in Hammer’s Slammers (HS 182).

Click here for Campaign Background and Forces.

Click here for Week 1 First Strike scenario.

After the initial attack on the mechanized infantry company compound, Jane’s Dragons conduct several weeks of limited combat missions. The emphasis is working with the Citizen’s Movement Militia and enhancing their confidence and training.

Resistance Fighters (Courtesy http://www.history.ucsb.edu)

Week 2 – Shared Blood

Mercenary player uses Jane’s Dragons. If the Mission DM from Week 1 was POSITIVE, the Loyalist player has an Infantry Battalion Platoon; if the Mission DM from Week 1 was NEGATIVE, the Loyalist player uses a Mechanized Infantry Platoon.

Generate a Random Mission using Tomorrow’s War Campaign (TW 173).  Operational Momentum Points for the Raiders/Loyalist player equals 2d6 plus/minus the Mission DM from Week 1. One Citizen’s Movement Fireteam (Resistance Cell) is added to Jane’s Dragons for 0 Operational Momentum Points.

Victory Points are accumulated per the After Action Sequence, Step 1: Operational Assessment, Victory Points (TW 178) with the following modifications:

  • VP for all Citizen’s Movement casualties are DOUBLED
  • For every turn the Citizen’s Movement Fireteam engages in combat: +2 pts
  • For every turn the Citizen’s Movement Fireteam does NOT engage in combat (except for Turn 1): -1 pt

Week 3 – Brothers in Arms

As Week 2 except for the following:

  • If Mission DM from Week 2 was POSITIVE then increase Citizen’s Movement Militia Troop Quality to D8
  • If cumulative Mission DM is POSITIVE, add second Citizen’s Movement Fireteam for no cost in Operational Momentum Points
  • If cumulative Mission DM is NEGATIVE, Jane’s Dragons must PAY first 2 Operational Momentum Points to add single Citizen’s Movement Fireteam
  • If Mission DM from Week 2 is NEGATIVE, reduce Citizen’s Movement Militia Morale to D8

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