RPG Thursday – Combat Action (Battlestar Galactica RPG)

Courtesy StarWraith 3d

“DRADIS Contact! Looks to be a single Basestar!”

Adama glanced at the XO who was already lifting the ships intercom. “Launch Alert Vipers,” the XO ordered into the handset. “Mr. Gaeta, start plotting a combat jump out of here.”

Initiative Rolls –Basestar 16/Starbuck 11/Raider 9/Galactica 6

Combat FTL Jump – Complex Action (Hard 55) – 30 seconds. Gaeta’s initial roll to start the process is 19.

Courtesy bruce-domain.blogspot

Starbuck rocketed down the launch tube. Once clear, she looked for her wingman. “Galactica, where is my new rook?”

“Launch tube failure,” stated flight control. “Working on it.”

Starbuck moves to Skirmish Range from Galactica.

In the CIC Adama poured over the DRADIS display. “Why is he hanging out there?”

Cylon Basestar has launched a single Raider with nuclear payload but this is not detectable by Galactica using Long-Range DRADIS. Raider starts movement to Short-Range DRADIS band.

“Galactica, this is Starbuck; on CAP. Where is my wingman?”

Starbuck has moved to Capital Range from Galactica. Raider continues to Short-Range DRADIS band.

Starbuck had the Raider on her DRADIS now. “Galactica, this guy’s alone! Going in hot!”

In CIC a sensor operator spoke up. “Nucleonics detected on inbound Raider.”

“Just a single bird,” the XO said as he looked towards Adama. “Don’t make sense.”

Starbuck twisted her Viper to get an attack angle on the Raider. “Going straight in, are you?”

Raider moves to Capital Range. Starbuck attempts to close to Skirmish Range with Raider. Raider does not oppose. Starbuck and Raider move to Skirmish Range relative to each other and Capital Range relative to Galactica. 

Starbuck mashed down the trigger for her guns. Rounds flew out across the void between her and the Raider. The Raider was dodging, but Starbuck was too good. As her rounds connected she let out a whoop, but at just that moment the Raider turned and fired back. Starbuck didn’t even think as she threw her Viper into a violent roll.

Starbuck attacks the Raider using Vehicle AGL + Pilot Skill + Traits = D10 + D12 + D4(Dogfighter) + D10(Talented) = 22. Raider spends ACTION to DODGE – D12+D6= 8. Starbuck hits! Damage = 22-8+2D8=14+8=22 (11 STUN/11 Wound). Raider suffers Loss of Integrity (-2 Attribute Step to all actions) and must roll to see if it is Disabled. Endurance Roll versus Average (7) Difficulty; Raider rolls 7 and passes. The Raider attack on Starbuck is rolled at D12+D6 modified to D8+D6 due to Loss of Integrity. Raider rolls 5. Starbuck rolls for Innate Defense (D10+D4) = 8 (Multiple Action -1 Skill Step accumulated) – Raider misses.

Starbuck continued to twist and turn as she tried to get a bead on the Raider. The Raider in turn looked to be trying to desperately evade Starbuck’s guns.

Starbuck chooses to remain at Skirmish Range (NO ACTION) Raider interrupts movement to try and evade (ACTION). Opposed rolls see Starbuck D8+D12=20 vs. Raider (D12+D2)+D6=14 – RANGE STAYS AT SKIRMISH.

Courtesy myopera.com

The Raider passed through Starbuck’s gun sight.  Grinning like a predator feline from the ancient texts, her finger mashed the trigger hard.

Starbuck attacks Raider (ACTION); Raider DODGES (ACTION #2 for the Combat Turn). Starbuck’s  attack Roll is 26 vs. Raider’s Dodge…which it BOTCHES. Raider breaks up after damage and hard maneuvers. RAIDER DESTROYED.

Everyone in the CIC breathed a sigh of relief. Only Adama didn’t seem happy. The Basestar was still out there. Adama spoke up, “Get Starbuck home, now! Once she’s aboard activate PDS.”  He glanced over at Gaeta who was still furiously calculating the FTL jump.

Gaeta continues to plot FTL Jump. New roll is 20 + 19 from before meaning 39 of the 55 points needed have been achieved.

“Basestar is closing,” reported a DRADIS operator. The XO was already on the horn to engineering. “Give us all she’s got!”

The Basestar is closing and Galactica is trying to evade. Basestar has speed advantage on Galactica. Though the Old Girl tries, the Basestar is just too fast and the range closes to Short-Range DRADIS and eventually Capital Range.

Courtesy allmystery.de

“Missile launch!” The DRADIS operator shouted out. “Nucleonics!” shouted another.

Basestar launches 6 Spacecraft-Scale Short-Range DRADIS Nuclear Missiles (D12+D8) followed by 20 Spacecraft Scale Capital Range Missiles (D10).

“Weapons free,” intoned the XO. Galactica’s railguns launched their own barrage of projectiles at the Basestar.

Galactica’s gunners are a bit off for none hit the Basestar on the initial salvo.

Galactica and the Basestar traded shots. Adama smiled as the PDS stopped all the nuclear missiles, but frowned when two of the other missiles got though. Galactica shook with the impact, but kept on fighting.

PDS shoots down all 6 nuclear missiles but only stops 18 of the 20 conventional warheads. Damage is light with 2 STUN 2 WOUND to Galactica. Meanwhile the Basestar launches another salvo of 20 conventional warheads. Galactica’s railguns finally connect and bring devastation to the Basestar scoring heavy damage – 40 STUN 40 WOUND –  forcing the Basestar to roll an Endurance Check and Disabled Check – both of which it passes. 

Courtesy kunal.kundaje.net

“More missiles coming,” spoke the XO over the noise. “Bet they got more nukes in there too.”

PDS takes on another salvo of conventional missiles and only one gets through. Galactica now has a total of 6 STUN 6 WOUND. The Basestar starts to move off but not before spitting out 14 nuclear missiles. It then fails its Disabled roll and suffers a System Crash – it is Dead in Space.

Adama and the XO watched the PDS as it engaged the nuclear missiles. After a few moments, Adama realized that none of the missiles survived the defensive hail of fire. Gaeta shouted from the FTL console. “Jump plotted, ready to jump!” He was poised to turn the key.

Gaeta continues to plot FTL Jump. New roll of 16+39=55 – SUCCESS. Jump is plotted and ready to execute.

Adama considered the situation for just a moment. The Basestar was dead in space but Galactica was also hurt. Should he stay and finish the Basestar? He quickly drove that thought from his mind; the fleet needed them back. “Jump,” he ordered.

Courtesy ign.com

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