Wargame Wednesday – Haze (Confederate) Gray and Underway

I admit it; I have a love-hate relationship with Avalanche Press and their Great War at Sea (GWAS) series. Love the operational-level of naval warfare, maps and counters; hate their tactical game and loads of boring scenarios.

I also love the Alternative History aspect of GWAS. I have much fun fighting cardboard wars that could-of-been but never-were. Plan Orange is of course my favorite, but over the many years Avalanche has given us MANY more expansions.

Courtesy BGG

One of the latest expansions is Confederate States Navy: A Great War at Sea Scenario Book. CSN postulates, like author Harry Turtledove in his Great War series, that the South somehow doesn’t lose the Civil War and survives into the 20th Century. The focus here is on the Navy.

CSN -like much of the GWAS series-is a battleship lovers dream. This Confederate Navy of 1917 gets no less than 25 dreadnoughts, pre-dreadnoughts, and big cruisers or battlecruisers. They even have a small carrier and early naval aviation. There are MANY scenarios in here including 12 Battle Scenarios (ugh) and 18 operational scenarios (better) including an awesome (but large) scenario where an Union American Navy Expeditionary Force tries to link up with the German Navy in the North Sea while a Royal Navy reinforced by the South opposes them.

In order to fully enjoy this book you need a near-complete collection of all the GWAS games and supplements – good if you got them but bad if you don’t. I also think Avalanche Press’ experiment with laser cut counters needs to be rethought. The thickness is too thin, the colors dull, and the back appears burnt!

See the Brown Burns at the Edges? (Courtesy BGG)

GET IT if you area  GWAS collector.

PASS if you aren’t.

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