Family Friday – Castle Panic

Courtesy BGG

First, I’d like to start with a note of thanks to Wil Wheaton and his web series Tabletop over at Geek & Sundry. I appreciate how he shows the games through play. One game that caught my attention was Castle Panic.

This game has been around for a few years (since 2009) and I am sad I missed it before. The game uses a cooperative, collapsing fortress mechanic where the players must work together to defeat the evil hordes before all the walls of the castle and keep are destroyed. Mrs. RMN has stated that she really like cooperative games, so introducing this one into the house already had her stamp of approval. The real test was to see if Little RMN would enjoy it.

First game (Little RMN, T and myself) saw us barely defeat the hordes. Victory came through teamwork; Little RMN weakened the last monster then used his Tar to hold it in place so T could finish it off. I could not have asked for a better first game; Little RMN and T working together to defeat the enemy.

The second game (Little RMN, T and G) resulted in defeat. Undaunted, they all were anxious to try again.

The next game was at the RMN grandparent’s house. Grandpa played with Little RMN and T while I assisted Grandpa and Little RMN in learning and following the mechanics of the game. In a truly dramatic ending, the last monster was inside the castle walls and one move away from destroying the last wall. T had no cards to help, and Little RMN had used the Tar to avoid defeat last turn. The only way to win was to use a Keep card but nobody had one in their hands. Having nothing useful in his hand, Grandpa discared one of his cards hoping for something better. He got a “draw two additional cards.” First card was useless, but he second was the Barbarian! With whoops and hollars all three celebrated their victory, with the most touching part coming where Little RMN hugged Grandpa and from his heart thanked him for defeating the last monster. You would of thought Grandpa had just saved the entire world.

No question about it; this game is a real family winner!

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