Miniatures Monday – Star Wars X-Wing

Courtesy BGG

OK, I will admit it; I love the Star Wars Original Trilogy. So when Fantasy Flight Games announced they were making an adaptation of their Wings of War system for starfighter combat in the Star Wars Universe, I was both happy and hesitant. Happy for Star Wars; hesitant because see the Wings of War system as pricy and not quite “crunchy” enough for my grognards tastes.

What I failed to initially factor in was Little RMN. He is a true Star Wars fanatic (see what I created?). When I brought home the Core Set and first four expansions he badgered me endlessly to play it. I was a bit concerned because the game is rated for ages 14+; Little RMN is only 8.

I needn’t have worried.

Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game is an easy to learn, easy to play system. The miniatures are well detailed and a joy to move through space. The game mechanics are fairly straightforward and simple enough that even Litle RMN (with a bit of coaching) was able to make sense of it.

Most importantly, we had fun. We first played an introductory game of two Academy TIE fighters versus Luke Skywalker. We didn’t use many of the advanced rules, starting first with a focus on game flow and basic mechanics. Little RMN as Luke scored a few hits but never concentrated on one TIE fighter long enough to knock it out. He eventually lost as he ran for a board edge (safe exit) after losing all his shields and a bit of hull.

But he wants to play again. He wants to add the full rules. The grognard in me hasn’t changed my opinion  that the Wings of War system is a bit of a simplification, but I will freely admit that X-Wing captures the cinematic feel of Star Wars space combat rather well.

Most importantly, it brings me closer to my kids. That’s the real win for me.

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