RPG Thursday – Is There a Doctor in the House of Westeros?

Courtesy Cubicle 7

Two new RPG’s have made their way into the RockyMountainNavy domain. I added both Doctor Who:  Adventures in Time and Space (11th Doctor Edition) and A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying: Game of Thrones Edition. Both are beautifully produced, lavish games. Of the two, I think the Doctor is more suitable for the kids, if for no other reason then the order of actions (Talkers, Doers, Movers, then Fighters) which emphasizes the best themes of Doctor Who, namely combat is a last resort (at least lethal combat…the battle of wits is the real centerpiece of action). Of course, what I really am looking for is a Torchwood edition.

Courtesy BGG

On the other hand, SIFRP is more “adult” in its approach, which is in keeping with the source material. Although SIFRP has a detailed combat system, I find Intrigue to be the most interesting. I have to also say that the Westeros setting, with its distinctive lack of magic, is appealing to me over most any fantasy setting (aka D&D).

One thought on “RPG Thursday – Is There a Doctor in the House of Westeros?

  1. I’ve been re-reading my 10th Doctor edition of the game. I’m very fond of the game system. I think it could be used for much more than Doctor Who and now Primeval.

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