Wargame Wednesday – RAF: The Hardest Days

Courtesy BGG

Been many-a-year since I played RAF. RAF is a solitaire game of the Battle of Britain. The player is the British Fighter Command who must protect England against he Luftwaffe.

Looking back, this was my first card-driven game (CDG) and I didn’t even realize it. The heart of the game revolves around individual raids. For each raid, a Target card is selected. The target is compared to the German priorities to see if a strike occurs. If a strike occurs, then the British player must roll for Intelligence and Warning. Better Intelligence and Warning means you see more details of the German raid before making your defense decisions; less information means you must make decisions on incomplete or unknown information. Raid size and composition are again through card draws, and an event card helps move the clock and add interesting events that can spoil the best-laid plans. Combat resolution is straight-forward with few modifiers and is easy to get into after just a few combat rounds.

I played the Introductory scenario, The Hardest Days, which covers the period of August 13 to 17.  For a first game this was good because of the five days, three were washed out by storms (reports are that Goering was not-so-happy). The end result was an RAF Operational Victory, but just only. If the Luftwaffe had been able to fly even one of the stormy days the result could of easily been a Draw. As it was, the shortened game was just right to gain an understanding of the Sequence of Play and the mechanics of the game. Looking forward to setting this one up and playing the full Battle of Britain campaign.

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