Family Gaming – Apples to Apples to Go

Courtesy BGG

Apples to Apples to Go is a “travel” version of the popular family card game of comparisons. Though this game has been out a while the RMN Family had actually passed on purchasing this game for reasons that are lost to my recollection. This is a shame, since Apples to Apples is a wonderful family game and a worthy addition to the RMN Family Game Collection.

The travel or “to go” version is supposedly a lighter-weight version with fewer cards. I guess if you have a full eight players the deck may be used up but with four players the number of cards is fine. I have also discovered that different Apples to Apples games have different age levels which translates to word difficulty. This version is 12 years old and up. I was worried that the youngest RMN son (8 years old) would not be able to play but this has proven to not be the case.

This game is now a favorite with the RMN Grandparents who always seem anxious to play with the grandkids. This is yet another mark of a good game; family enjoyment across generations.

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