Quarriors Come Out to Play!

Quarriors (Courtesy BGG)

Quarriors is hyped as a deck building game with dice. This is exactly what Quarriors is, but with a lot more fun thrown in.

Sunday brought out Quarriors with the RMN Kids. I actually won, but the kids wanted to keep going. The youngest RMN Kid actually said, “Hey, this is just like Magic;” which is true.

In Quarriors, you gather dice to summon creatures and gain glory. The actual game mechanics are simple and though the game is rated for 14 years and older the youngest RMN Kid (7 years old) played with everyone helping him read and understand the cards. The cards make the game fun, with 30 different creatures and 20 different spells (of which you only use seven creatures and three spells in any given game) means the replay value is high since the numerous combinations will always challenge players.

Quarrior Dice (Courtesy BGG)

If there is one low point, it is that some of the die faces are hard to read, but that is a minor Quibble (get it?).

Bottom Line: Only recently has the RMN family gotten into deck building games when Middle Son starting on Magic: The Gathering. I find Quarriors much more enjoyable mostly because you can play with up to four players meaning the entire RMN Horde can participate.* It also has a high “toy factor” in the dice making it visually appealing too. Thanks to Cameron and Rebecca both at Petries who recommended this game to me!

*Yes, I know there are mulitiplayer MTG versions out there but it was not really designed to be played that way!

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