Almost a Really Great Day

You know, I really love my wife.  Today she needed to go to her parent’s house, mostly because her old high school friends and her want to get together before the big Lunar New Year holiday.  Not wanting to saddle me with the kids and no car, she decided to take them along so they could see the Grandparents.

That left me at home.

By myself.

With my games.

I have been tossing an idea around recently.  How about a Geeklist on Boardgamegeek that looks at print-n-play games?  I have several space combat games; do a comparison!

But that means I have to play them.  So I did.

First up was Full Thrust – Lite.  Followed by Federation Commander: First Missions and then the demo set for Starmada: The Admiralty Edition.  Was getting ready for Star Fleet Battles: Cadet Edition when the phone rang.

It was the office.

Four hours later I am back home.


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