Hard Sci-Fi Reading – HALO?

I am NOT a video/computer gamer.  I especially dislike 1st-person shooters.  Just too much violence for me.  As such, we have no XBox or PS3 in the house.

I was in the PX a while back looking for a decent book to read.  Saw HALO: The Cole Protocol and picked it up mostly on a whim.  Since I have no game console I have not followed the HALO series.

Now, my opinion of game consoles has not changed but my opinion of HALO has.  Cole Protocol is a good “hard sci-fi” story.  Realistic vector movement, aliens that are alien enough (i.e. not the Star Trek mask-face aliens) and heroism that doesn’t require the reader to overdose on fantasy.  Indeed, the HALO Universe would fit rather well into the 2300AD RPG ruleset .

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