#RPGThursday – A Dicey Situation: A #TravellerRPG adventure using Cepheus Light (@StellagamaPub) and @TravellerNews dice

THE ROCKYMOUNTAINNAVY BOYS ARE ALL IN on the Traveller role playing game. This past weekend, we played another adventure. Unlike the previous session where I relied upon Gypsy Knights Games 21 Plots for inspiration, this time we riffed off our character and world generation time. We used Cepheus Light (Stellagama Publishing, 2018) as our rules set.

The adventure party, in a Scout ship, was engaged by their enigmatic contact to smuggle high-end luxury goods (handbags in a nod to RMN Mom) to a rich, but vastly overcrowded, planet ruled with an iron fist by a religious dictatorship. Along the way they were approached by the Space Patrol and surreptitiously engaged in espionage, they were double-crossed by a smuggler, they double-crossed the smuggler back, were harassed by the police, had to disarm an improvised explosive device on their ship, knocked heads with smugglers, ran from system defense boats, and dodged fighters.

After the session, both RMN Boys expressed relief that the adventure was over as it was stressful (in a good way). When I asked what part they liked most the answer was the dice. Several times during the game, I took one of my chunky Traveller dice and used it as a countdown timer. For instance, as they went to disarm the bomb, I placed the die heavily on the table.


As they discussed their plan – at some length – I picked up the die, rotated it to the next lower number, and placed it down hard on the table.


The Boys looked up in horror as they realized they really were working against a clock. They tried to disarm the bomb, but failed.

CLICK! The die rotated again.

They eventually disarmed the bomb, but the countdown die would come back again during space combat. They were jumped by a system defense boat during their escape. To show how long they needed before they could safely jump away the countdown die came back out.


“Let’s duke it out! Oh…my little beam laser ain’t so hot….”


“Let’s run away!”


“Uh, we need to do something more. Let’s get the Engineer to goose the engines and try some fancy flying and use Tactics.”


“OK, we got away. That was easy!”


“Where did those fighters come from? Hey, that hurts!”



We are having lots of fun and I am sure there are many more adventures ahead. I just hope I can keep up with the RMN Boys and deliver good games.

RPG Thursday – Bond vs. Hugo

Courtesy RPG Geek

One of my favorite RPGs on the bookshelf is James Bond 007 published by Victory Games in 1983. I still think the Example of Play, which puts a well-known scene from movie Goldfinger against the same scene played out in the RPG may be the best Example of Play ever written.

Although the source material is dated, the basic game mechanics are still sound; they just need some modern missions to go against. Looking at the news in recent days (and with a little research into a few older articles) I present to you the following adventure seed.



Discover the truth behind rumors that missing Libyan SAMs have made their way to Iranian brokers and are being sold to Venezuela.

ACT I – Persian Gulf Express

The agents arrive in Bermuda (a classic Bond location!) and obtain information that known drug smugglers are assisting Iranian agents to smuggle items to Caracas.

Obstacle: Smugglers have a warehouse/safehouse location that is possibly being used. Break-in and get the truth.

Villains: Drug smugglers supported by a “Senor Hugo” in Venezuela…but not Hugo Chavez!

ACT II – In the Jungles

Following leads gained in Bermuda, the agents end up combing the jungles of northwest Venezuela only to find the enigmatic “Senor Hugo” and his Iranian accomplices.

Obstacle: Infiltrate the secret headquarters of Senor Hugo and find the SAMs.

Villains: Senor Hugo, unknown evil twin of Hugo Chavez and the real power behind a new highly radical form of Bolivarism.

The Big Reveal: Senor Hugo has secretly worked with the Iranians to build underground missile silos in Venezuela…and is getting ready to launch a nuclear EMP warhead against the United States!

ACT III – Countdown

After escaping the clutches of the evil Senor Hugo, the agents must go back and stop the missile launch.

There you have it; the bare bones of a James Bond 007 or Spycraft or Wilderness of Mirrors or whatever your cuppa Secret Agent RPG is.