#MilitaryBook Shelf 23-1: Kursk Christmas

For Christmas 2022 I was fortunate to to receive a gift card to an electronic bookstore. As I cast about in search of books, I ended up in the military history section. After much browsing, I decided that I wold look further into the Battle of Kursk, already a subject of a “History to Wargame” series and several “Rocky Reads for Wargame” entries looking at books by David Glantz and Christopher Lawrence in the past few years.

I have now added four new books to my collection:

According to the author’s bio on the site, Valeriy Zamulin was a former staff member at the Prokhorovka Battlefield State Museum. The three books are the culmination of years of research.

Dennis Showalter is a military historian and author of numerous books. He has been a distinguished visiting professor at the United States Military Academy and United States Air Force Academy and a former president of the Society for Military History.

Feature image courtesy publisher.

RockyMountainNavy.com © 2007-2023 by Ian B is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

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