(Quick) #SundaySummary #Wargame #Boardgame Travel Update

Sorry, was on the road for professional reasons the past week and was unable to get any posts ready before I went. Here is a short weekly update and a bit of a look ahead.

New Arrivals

  • Old School Tactical Volume 3: Pacific 1941-45, designer Shayne Logan, Flying Pig Games, 2019
  • The Hill of Death: Champion Hill – A Shattered Union Series Game, designer Hermann Luttmann, Tiny Battle Publishing, 2022

OST looks like another highly playable tactical wargame in the vein of the Academy Games Conflict of Heroes series with large mounted boards and chunky counters. The Hill of Death is supposed to be a very playable American Civil War design.

Wargame Practitioner

Thanks to the awesome support of an unnamed (for now) professional wargaming practitioner, I was able to take three micro-games along for my “business trip.” I owe the young designers some valuable feedback, but suffice it to say that their games did (and will) have a tangible impact on important issues.

Boardgames in the Wild

As I was transiting through an airport in Europe I was taken in by the display at a bookstore on the concourse. It had a quite large selection of children’s games including boardgames, card games, and puzzles. There were even gaming accessories on sale. That’s doing gaming right!

Feature image courtesy self.

RockyMountainNavy.com © 2007-2022 by Ian B is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

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