#Boardgame Campaign Check in – Scythe: The Rise of Fenris Expansion (@stonemaiergames, 2018) Episode 2

***WARNING – I am trying to write this entry as spoiler-free as possible but if you are playing, or plan on playing, Scythe: The Rise of Fenris Expansion then you may want to skip reading below.***

THE SATURDAY ROCKYMOUNTAINNAVY GAME NIGHT this week was a continuation of our Scythe: Rise of Fenris Expansion (Stonemaier Games, 2018) campaign. We played Episode 2. There are actually two options for episode two, and we played 2B. The game difference is a new Triumph Track and an Alliance mechanic.

The Triumph Track was…interesting. I can see how it can be used to change the nature of the game. That said, although the track we played was designed not to reward a certain action, we probably came closer to a large-scale use of that action over any other game of Scythe we have played. I’m not complaining – It’s a feature, not a bug.

The Alliance rules were neat. We usually play 3-player so the RockyMountainNavy Boys ganged up on me. Being Nordic/Engineering and Crimea/Innovative they figured they were far enough apart that they both would have space and not get in each others way. For myself, as Saxony/Patriotic, I was initially hamstrung but quickly figured out they feared my military power. As a result, I was able to shape their actions and drive them into each other. Being limited by the Alliance, the RMN Boys bickered and stumbled about the board trying to not get in each others way. I was able to not only get my six stars out first, but also to secure the victory.

I fully believe that the key to victory in Scythe is to get your engine running as efficiently as possible as quickly as you can. In Episode 1, Youngest RN Boy ran away with the win because he got his engine going. This game I was able to get my engine cracking pretty quickly and played to my strengths. Middle RMN Boy, my Autism Spectrum angel, in Episode 1 never figured out how efficiently use his Bottom -Row Actions. This game he started out slowly but was able to make a better recovery. His engine was on the verge of going into overdrive. Good thing – for me – that I ended the game before I got blown away by him.

This was another quick game clocking in at less than 100 minutes from opening the boxes for set up to finishing clearing the table. This is just at the low end of the stated play time. The quick speed of play is making for lower scores; maybe too low as one needs Wealth for the campaign. On the positive side, the game is playing fast enough that the RMN Boys don’t feel the campaign is bogging us down.

The Outcome of Episode 2 introduces a major new rules module. At first I was a little disappointed that the end of the game is used reveal the new module. “This is stupid,” I thought. “I can’t play with the new module now…the game is finished!” Then I realized, “Duh, this is there to get me back for the next game.” I also read the introduction to Episode 3 and the Story Summary in the setup to the RMN Boys. Yeah, after that we definitely are going to play the next game – possibly as early as next week!

Feature image Stonemaier Games.

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