#RPGThursday – Odds and Ends for the summer with #TravellerRPG and #T2K

I AM REENGAGING ON PLAYING RPGS after a long hiatus. The RockyMountainNavy Boys have fully embraced Cepheus Engine and we are mixing a RPG session into our normal weekend family game night. With that change I have started stalking publishers on DriveThruRPG again and making a few purchases.

The first book I picked up is Shipbook: Type S Scout Courier from Moon Toad Publishing. I belatedly realized this book is intended for Mongoose Traveller 1st Edition. That’s OK, Cepheus Engine grew out of MgT 1st Edition so it’s usable. My intent is to pass this along to the RockyMountainNavy Boys to use as inspiration. It’s such a classic Traveller RPG ship they deserve to see it in all it’s glory. Update – Yup, they definitely have latched onto this one for inspiration.

The second book I picked up is Moon Toad Publishing’s Shipbook: Type A Free Trader. Like the Scout, this is another “classic” Traveller RPG ship. Again, my intent is to pass this along to the RMN Boys for their inspiration.

Another item I picked up is a throwback to a much older game. I have impatiently awaited a Korean sourcebook for Twilight: 2000 and now the T2000 v1 Korean Peninsula Sourcebook is available. Having been stationed in Korea the first time in 1992, I must say that the data feels authentic to me. I have not played T2K in a long time but I may just have to set up an adventure.

One part of the Traveller RPG system I have always liked is that there are several min-games in the game. Like character generation. I really enjoy taking a collection of stats and skills and a bit of die rolling and making it into a living character. After the other night, the RMN Boys now understand my joy.

The RMN Boys and I sat down after dinner to roll up a few characters. Middle RMN Boy ended up with a character with low Education and low Social Status. He tried to get into the Marines, failed, and became a Drifter. He eventually did enlist in the Marines, but failed to reenlist and went back to being a Drifter. After three terms the character mustered out. Middle RMN was a bit frustrated. Younger RMN Boy had rolled up a Scout with a ship. This really wasn’t fair! I asked Middle RMN what skills the character had.

“Nothing. Just Driving-1.”

“Sounds like an Uber driver to me,” Youngest RMN said.

“Yeah, an Uber with Streetwise and a bit of Recon skill. Sounds like a good contact,” I said.

“Well, he was in the Marines. Maybe he was a friend of Little John,” said Middle RMN [Little John is another character Middle RMN rolled up before].

Before we knew it, we had fleshed out an entire backstory for our Uber driver. He is a Uber driver on “Planet Kool-Aid,” the Religious Dictatorship planet in the sector. By the time we were finished, Youngest RMN declared, “This is the coolest character ever!”

That’s the power of Traveller.

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6 thoughts on “#RPGThursday – Odds and Ends for the summer with #TravellerRPG and #T2K

  1. Dave Schueler June 1, 2019 — 1:25 pm

    It sounds like everyone is having a good time with this.

    I know you’re trying to keep this in the “theater of the mind” realm, but I’ve seen resin models of the ships you’re using on ebay and it might be fun to add (and paint up) some of those for additional inspiration.


    1. Agree. I think Ad Astra Games sells the Scout & Free Trader. Need to reach out to Ken Burnside and see what he has stocked.

  2. Great to see your boys enagaing with it. Managed to play a board game with one of my nephews today.

    Look forward to seeing what you do with Twilight 2000, a systems I’ve rarley played but am interested it. The link between TW2k and 2300AD is fascinating.



    1. The real link is the story of “The Game” played by GDW to advance the storyline between T2K and Traveller: 2300 (later renamed 2300AD).
      I think the T2K setting is fascinating. These days it is a bit fashionable to reminisce about the Cold War. Look at the success of HBOs Chernobyl. WW3 games are also vogue.

      1. Yeah “The Game” that is the name I was trying to think of.

        I’m just about old enough to remember the Cold War, well the end of it at least. My Uncle was an RMP stationed in Berlin when the Wall came down so it is something that I can relate to cultrally in a way. It is something I’ve started reading more and gaming more in recent years.



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