First attack in my 2019 CSR #Wargame Challenge – #SquadLeader (Avalon Hill, 1977)

I played the first game of my 2019 Charles S. Roberts Award challenge. Squad Leader:The Game of Infantry Combat in WWII (Avalon Hill Game Company, 1977) was designed by John Hill. It won the CSR in 1977 for Best Tactical Game.

I played the first scenario, an iconic one titled “The Guards Counterattack.” This may be the most classic wargame scenario ever. It is a straight-up infantry fight in the streets of Stalingrad. World War II – Infantry – Eastern Front; that’s classic wargaming!

8fcsoc0ps1uhullud7tauaIn my battle, the Soviets won by seizing two stone buildings and keeping the Germans at bay. As I was playing, I was reminded just how clean and simple the game mechanics in Squad Leader really are. Rally – Prep Fire – Movement – Defensive Fire – Advancing Fire – Rout – Advance – Close Combat; the turn is actually highly interactive with both sides involved and alternating actions even when it is one sides “turn.”

Since the game is out I may just go ahead and do another scenario….


2 thoughts on “First attack in my 2019 CSR #Wargame Challenge – #SquadLeader (Avalon Hill, 1977)

  1. Squad Leader was my go-to game in college. A friend and I got up through one of the Crescendo of Doom scenarios before he graduated.

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