#Wargame Learning – Stepping thru Tutorial Scenario 1 for #SquadronStrikeTraveller (@AdAstraGames, 2018)

Sat down tonight for a careful walkthru of the first tutorial scenario for Squadron Strike: Traveller (Ad Astra Games, 2018). Unknown Contact is a Warship! is a preprogrammed 2D scenario that teaches basic vector movement, pivoting, and Beam combat.

One rule that tripped me up the first time through was Vector Consolidation. This rule is used when you change heading by two or three hexsides (120 or 180 degrees). I think I understand it now.

For combat, I am still wrapping my head around how Penetration works. I think I got it, but need to look at the examples against the Weapons Charts again. Not sure why, but some of the numbers just don’t seem to add up right.

This tutorial run-thru was much better than the first time. Like I said before, one needs to play Squadron Strike: Traveller regularly to gain/maintain proficiency.

Now I am on to the second tutorial, If You Dodge the Lion, Mind the Claws (2D) where an extensively damaged Imperial P.F. Sloan-class frigate takes on an Aslan destroyer. This scenario focuses on defenses like sandcasters, ECM, and what the Profile Number means. It also introduces missile combat (with two new rules for damage allocation), Crew Rate, and Damage Control.

4 thoughts on “#Wargame Learning – Stepping thru Tutorial Scenario 1 for #SquadronStrikeTraveller (@AdAstraGames, 2018)

  1. If you’re still getting tripped up on Vector Consolidation, check out page 32 of the rulebook, where it’s laid out side by side with hex grids.

    1. I think I finally got it. Just took a bit!

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