#RPGaDay 2017 – What is a good #RPG to play for about 10 sessions?

#RPGaDay August 9, 2017

Every RPG should be good for 10 sessions. Unfortunately, I don’t see many RPGs designed to support long-term gaming campaigns.


I grew up in the early days of Traveller RPG and I couldn’t afford all the adventures. Instead, I used the tools presented to me and made my own adventures. One adventure after another.

Unfortunately, what I see so many RPGs do is sell you “adventure campaigns” or “modules” and the like. Each of these products is usually one campaign arc, and often use the “three-act play” approach. Can one get 10 sessions out of them? Yes – if a few of the sessions are stretch out. My point is that what is usually sold as a campaign most times does not go out to 10 sessions.

This “short campaign” focus highlights to me a problem that the RPG gamespace – many games provide the means for world building and long-term adventuring but published adventures and campaigns work in an opposite manner with a campaign that can be started – and completed – is a reasonable (as in few) sittings. I recognize why companies do this; they need to see you more products and giving you one product that doesn’t depend on future sales is not necessarily a profitable strategy. Indeed, I think many gamers expect shorter games, especially if the RPG is based on a licensed RP. The source material is often “episodic” and the going-in assumptions often so not support long-term adventuring but rather the “adventure of the week.”

Now, before you all accuse me of doom-n-gloom, let me say that I am excited at what I see on the Net and Twitter and the like. There are many home-brew campaigns that are the foundation for long-term campaigning. Home-brew, like I have been doing for nearly 40 years.


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