Edge of the Empire – First Characters

After a very successful and entertaining Edge of the Empire (EotE) Beginner Game, both Little I and T rolled up characters today. EotE uses a point-buy system which was easy for the boys to grasp when it came to buying characteristics, skills, talents, and gear. More difficult was the concept of Obligation and Motivation.

Little I created a human Bounty Hunter Gadgeteer; T created a Rodian Bounty Hunter Assassin.

Both ended up rolling Betrayal for their Obligation. This allowed us to come up with the backstory that Zero the Hutt had betrayed both of them and they know are in debt to Jabba the Hutt who has taken them on.

Motivation was also hard for them to immediately grasp but ended up being another key to the backstory. Little I rolled Cause-Non Human Rights which allowed us to create a linkage between his character and T’s Rodian. T rolled Relationship-Extended Family which we plan on using as an asset since both are dirt-poor right now!

I am rather proud of the boys who have already figured out that they are going to need some help. They have hinted that they are acquaintances of Pash from the Beginner Game and would not mind joining up with the team that recently escaped from Teemo the Hutt.

Both are clamoring for an immediate session. I think the first one will be an easy job like a low-level bounty that I can use to help them learn their characters. We didn’t really use Talents in the Beginner Game nor did I really enforce rules like Strain. A simple session which makes them study their character sheet and help understand their characters seems in order.

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