Wargame Wednesday – Tomorrow’s War Today in Mali


Courtesy Ambush Alley Games

Tomorrow’s War from Ambush Alley Games has its problems, but if one keeps to the infantry combat heart of the system it actually plays very well. The game is also very good for low-intensity, insurgent conflicts and for the use of the “Grid” to help show the impact of information warfare on command and control (C2) as well as ISR (intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance).

One of my favorite aviation blogs, The Aviationist, has been following the war in Mali quite closely, and in early February posted an entry named The taking of Tessalit airfield in Mali: air assault as seen from the camera of a Harfang droneIt covers the assault on Tessalit by 50 paratroopers of the Parachute Chasseur Regiment and their subsequent link-up with a flying column of the 1st Marine Infantry Regiment.

So this got me thinking….

The first scenario is a dropship insertion by a company-sized force to seize an airfield. The attacking force is TL2 in Tomorrow’s War terms taking on a nebulous TL1 insurgent force. The attacker has a TL2 Grid with ISR drones and can call on air support.

The second scenario involves the attacker moving a small convoy of armored vehicles through the city to link-up with the inserted forces at the airfield. Again, the attacker has a TL2 Grid with ISR drones and air support on call.

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