Miniatures Monday – Minicraft Scale Space

Courtesy Airfix

I am working on two models on the weekends that both are space-related. The first is an Airfix Vostok rocket in 1:144 scale. The model commemorates the 50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s first space flight in 1961. The final assembled Vostok 1 measures just under 10 inches high and a little less than 3 inches across at the base. The kit also comes with extra parts to make three different launch configurations (Yuri Gagarin’s Vostok I, the Luna, and the modern Soyuz launch version). In addition to a display base, the model includes a cosmonaut (about 1/2 inch tall) to give the display a sense of scale.

My second space-related kit is the Dragon Models X-15 twin-pack.

Courtesy DragonUSA

This model  allows you to build TWO of the famous X-15 craft. You have our choice of flight or pre/post flight configurations. It is nice to get a small-yet-detailed look at this famous spacecraft. Be sure to also check out NASA ebooks online, to include their one on the X-15.

I have recently switched over to 1:144 scale because I simply don’t have the space for larger models.  The price point is actually real nice too (usually under $20).

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