Threat Tuesday – Can I Drive?

Where do I get the keys? (AP Photo)

In this undated image made from KRT video, North Korea’s new young leader Kim Jong Un appears from a military vehicle at an undisclosed place in North Korea, aired Sunday, Jan. 8, 2012. Kim Jong Un, who was named “supreme leader” of North Korea’s people, ruling Workers’ Party and military following the death last month of his father, Kim Jong Il, was shown observing firing exercises and posing for photographs with soldiers in footage that was shot before his father’s death and aired as a documentary Sunday.(Daylife – AP Photo)

It certainly looks like the NorK propaganda machine is working hard to portray the newest youngster dictator as a vibrant, happening kinda guy. Gone are the days of the Jonger simply walking  around on an inspection. The kid at least climbs around his toys.

But just how much is he in charge? According the the NorK propaganda machine, he was making go-to-war decisions since at least 2009:

Ominously, the younger Kim is also seen shaking hands with officials at a satellite control centre after scientists launched a missile test in April 2009 – and saying he was ready to declare war if the missile had been shot down.

That test firing stoked regional tensions and earned North Korea international sanctions and condemnation.

‘I had decided to wage a real war if the enemies shot down’ the rocket, Kim Jong Un was quoted as saying.

A voice-over described Kim Jong Il as saying his son was in charge of the military’s anti-rocket interception operations at the time.

North Korea has said it successfully sent a satellite into orbit as part of a peaceful bid to develop its space program. U.S. and South Korean officials, however, said no satellite or other object reached orbit, and accused the North of using the launch to test its long-range missile technology.

At the time, Japan had threatened to shoot down any debris from the rocket if the launch went awry. U.S. lawmakers also urged their military to shoot the rocket down. (The Daily Mail)

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