Stars Wars Galaxy Reborn – or just a Fantasy Flight?

The gaming community today was abuzz with the announcement from Fantasy Flight Games that they have picked up the Star Wars license. Coming in the near future is a starship combat game and a card game. Later on we may see a new RPG.

The starship combat game, X-Wing, looks like it is fairly well down the development path though the gaming engine is unknown. Gosh, I really hope this isn’t Wings of War though I am suspicious giving the very similar packaging. As for the card game; well, I have only recently started the boys on Magic: The Gathering so I maybe could convert over.

The RPG is going to be a harder sell for me. I have my personal favorite RPG, Traveller (prefer Classic, though Mongoose sorta works for me) as well as Thousand Suns and Savage Worlds. I have the ENTIRE Wizards of the Coast Star Wars Saga Edition RPG collection that is still relatively new – meaning my desire to invest in yet ANOTHER Star Wars RPG is weak.

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