Christmas Games 2010 – Qwirkle

Courtesy BGG

Qwirkle is a game that we have actually had in the family for a few years.  At one time it was a present for Little Miss RMN but it languished for a time in the basement closet.  This year we pulled it out and enjoyed playing it.  We even took it up the the grandparent’s house and challenged Gramps to a game; instant hit!

The original plan was to get a copy for Gramps but we had an early setback when we went to get a copy. Black Friday at Borders we had a 50% off one item coupon and had seen the game.  When we got there every copy was gone!  This started an odyssey of shopping.  We actually saw copies at Target but it was not on sale at that time.  Later in the season Target put Qwirkle on sale but when we went it was sold out.  I eventually used a money-back deal to bring down the regular price of a copy.

Turns out we went through a bit to much effort.  You see, when the sale came Gramps bought his own copy (I think this is the first time ever he has bought a copy of a game we showed him).    He is a big fan of the game and challenges Grandma often.  When Grandma was hospitalized, Qwirkle found it way onto that really small table used in hospital rooms (though both will tell you it was way too small!).

The copy of Qwirkle we got was sent as a present to the nephew.  Early reports are he likes it.

Day before Christmas we were walking through Target and looked at the games aisle.  Qwirkle was sold-out.  Suprisingly, we bumped into a couple that were looking for the game.  It seems Qwirkle is quite popular this year, an apparent fact I find surprising given the lack of advertising seen.

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