Christmas Games 2010 – Fundomino

Courtesy BGG

Fundomino is not strictly a Christmas Game since we got it earlier in the year but I am including it here because of my story behind it.  I picked up the travel version (seen to the left) over the summer as a filler game for the kids.  Around Thanksgiving, we took it to the Grandparent’s house on one of our weekend trips.  Of course, the youngest RMN challenged Gramps.  Grandpa loved the game and asked where he could buy one.  I told him they were hard to find and I would try to get him a set.  He actually asked for two!

Working with our FLGS (Petries Family Games) I was able to secure two copies.  As Cameron related to me, they were hard to find because they were the summer travel versions and not many were available later in the year.

Grandpa has used the game for church youth groups, senior centers and even passing time in the hospital.  Wherever he takes the game, it usually catches the eye of Mexican Train players who love the color and “twists” that this version has.

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