Obi-Wan Needed Help….

Played a game of Star Wars Miniatures.  Era was Clone Wars.  Each squad was ~100 points.  The Light Side was played by Big and Little I.  Dark Side was T.

Dark Side:

  • Count Dooku
  • Super Battle Droid Commander
  • 2x Super Battle Droids
  • 2x Tusken (Raider and Scout)

Light Side

  • Obi-Wan
  • Elite Clone Commander (Little I)
  • Elite Clone Grenadier (Little I)
  • 3x Clone Troopers

Battlefield was Christophis.  The Clones stayed together (to get the commander benefit) and went along the rocky corridor.  Obi-Wan and a lone trooper went into the offices.  Dooku and a Battledroid also entered the offices while the droids took the center area and the Tuskens hung back along the rocks.

Little I initially pushed his troopers forward but when they started taking fire he quickly dropped back. The other troopers took what cover they could and started trying to pick off droids when they could.  Meanwhile, Obi-Wan and Dooku faced off.  They first fought late in a turn and then a series of good initiative rolls gave Dooku attack opportunities.  Add to that poor die-rolling by Obi-Wan and he quickly was down 110 hit points to a mere 20 for Dooku.  As Obi-Wan tried to move away a final opportunity attack by Dooku finished him off.

Meanwhile, the Clone Troopers faced off against the now charging Tuskens.  A close-quarters melee saw two troopers fall and one raider left standing.  The two Elite Clone Troopers were now all alone and fell back in good order.

This was the first game of SWMinis we had played in over a year.  T was quick to see the value in units supporting one another, but Little I was a “lone ranger” in this game and was not very supportive.  At 6yo you can’t expect much but after the game he did talk about having troopers stay together. Next game will be soon!

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