Battle of Agincourt – The Prince Takes Out the King

Sat down with Prince T to play Battlelore.  Actually played two games; the first was a learning step-through and the second an all-out Battle of Agincourt.

In the first (training) game, T was the English and played very hesitantly.  He also pushed his archers forward and as a result lost them.  Technically, I won but we called it a draw because it was a learning game.

In the full battle, we switched sides and T took the French.  Though he had fewer Command Cards, he used them well.   As the English, I never got to take full advantage of my archers, and I couldn’t get a Command Card for the right wing at all.  T used his heavy cavalry to good advantage and pushed out aggressively on his right wing and fell upon the French left with a vengeance.  At the same time he used “Foot Onslaught” to bring his swordsmen forward in the center with archers just close enough behind for support.  There were a few times when he moved as many as six foot units in a turn.  Not helping matters, his left wing heavy cavalry fell on my right (the side that never moved!) and created a gap between the wing and center.  As his cavalry took out my wings, his center – all supporting one another – charged forward.  My right wing was destroyed and he fell upon the center and left in a rough reverse “J” formation.  My heavy knights almost saved the day by breaking up the line but by then my lines were ruined and knights were fighting alone with at best a lone archer in support while his lines were solid and supported allowing many Battle Backs.  The war of attrition was in his favor and he won four standards against my three pennants.

Prince T proves to be a quick study.  There were just a few times that I recommended tactics to him.  We both look forward to the next battle and the introduction of Lore.

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