Death on Tattonine

It was a the darkest of times;

Luke and Obi-wan thought they had a way off planet, but Jabba the Hutt had seized the Millennium Falcon leaving them without transportation.  Obi-wan was able to get a message to the infant Rebellion that promised to send help.  Unfortunately for our heroes, Darth Vader got there at the same time.

Era:  Rebellion   Place: Tattonine  Squad  Limit: 150 pts

Light Side:  Obi-wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, Rebel Honor Guard (assigned to Luke), Wookie Freedom Fighter, Rebel Captain, 3x Rebel Heavy Troopers, Bothan Noble

Obi-wan and Luke have the Wookie and Bodyguard with them.  The choice of the Heavy Troopers is because Little I insisted he was going to get the “chicken,” a reference to the AT-ST.

Dark Side:  Darth Vader, Imperial Knight, AT-ST, Heavy Stormtrooper, Shocktrooper, Snowtrooper, Scout Trooper, Stormtrooper.

T takes command of Darth Vader, the Imperial Knight, the Shocktrooper and Stormtrooper.  Little I has the AT-ST, “bazooka man” (Heavy Stormtrooper), the Snowtrooper and Scout Trooper.

Seeing that the AT-ST will dominate the street, Obi-wan leads his group into the building on one side of the street. The Rebel Captain takes his squad along with the Bothan Noble (acting as a medic) along the other side.  As luck would have it, Darth Vader ends up on the same side of the street as Obi-wan.

Recognizing that the Jedi Knight will need support, the Rebel Captain moves his squad across the street using a small building for cover.  He quickly realizes that the Heavy Troopers might be good against the AT-ST but they cannot move and fire in the same turn.  This slows down his deployment.  In a heroic but ultimately useless act, the Bothan Noble is the first to be defeated as he holds open a door and takes a full dose of fire from the AT-ST.

As Obi-wan tries to move through the buildings, he meets the Imperial Knight.  The Wookie rushes forward but cannot hit the dark saberman.  The Knight concentrates on Obi-wan as he lets following troopers take care of the Wookie.  Luke and the Bodyguard are stuck behind Obi-wan in a narrow passage and cannot get a line of sight on the Imperials.

Meanwhile, Darth Vader has swept out into the streets and quickly dispatches several members of the rebel squad.  What he doesn’t take care of the AT-ST and other troopers clean up.  With the street secure, Vader turns his attention to Obi-wan and Luke.

Obi-wan is valiantly fighting to save his young charge.  His lightsaber slices through the Imperial Knight but not before he has taken grievous wounds.  The Bodyguard tries desperately to protect Luke but falls early.  Vader arrives in the room and swiftly dispatches Luke.  Vader is not unhurt, having taken a few hits from the Heavy Troopers in the street.  Desperately, Obi-wan launches himself at Vader.  Vader fights back and the two are locked in battle when a lowly Stormtrooper comes up from behind and fires the final fatal shot that sees Obi-wan fall.

With the death of Luke, nobody arrives to save Princess Leia.  The Death Star destroys Alderran and a few months later the Rebellion collapses.

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