Star Wars RPG Mini-Session: First Bag Job

I created a new Star Wars RPG character. He is a Level-1 Bothan Scout.  All-in-all he is very average, with STR 12, DEX 11, CON 12, INT 13, WIS 13, and CHA 13.  Trying to join the Bothan SpyNet, he is trained in Initiative, Knowledge (Tech), Mechanics, Persuasion, Pilot and Stealth.

His first assignment is a simple bag job.  Get the mag-train schedule for a special shipment.  I ran this as a Skill Challenge (Complexity-1, Challenge Level-1; need five Successes before three failures). 

First round is Gather Information.  The hero collects the facts the schedule resides in a computer in a certain office, the shift schedule for train workers, and even a possible password for the computer. (Success-1, Failure-0)

Second round sees our hero entering the station.  He uses Persuasion to convince a cleaning crew to let him in the service entrance at shift change time. To increase his chances of success, he did Take 10.  This extra time may eventually prove costly.  (Success-2, Failure-0)

Next, he uses his Stealth skill to get across the platforms and into the office.  The shift change makes it easier for him to blend in.  (Success-3, Failure-0)

Now our hero’s lack of experience comes to haunt him.  Having no trained Use Computer skill he fumbles the first atempt to get the information out of the computer. (Success-3, Failure-1)  He Takes 10 on his second atempt and barely passes.  (Success-4, Failure-1)

As he sneaks out of the office, he accidentally allows the door to automatically close behind him, drawing the attention of the nearest guard (failed Stealth vs Perception check).  The extra time he took persuading the cleaning crew and computer problems have now pushed his clock past the shift change.  As the guard leaps up from his desk he calls for his companion across the way.  Seeing the gig is up, our hero bravely raises his Blaster Pistol and fires at the trooper.  Alas, marksmanship is not his strong suit and the shot misses, but does force the trooper to duck for cover. (Success-4, Failure-2)

Moving quickly, our hero moves through one of the parked trains, but has to jump over a pile of equipment (Jump with Medium DC).  He barely makes it, and actually catches his foot and stumbles a bit (DC=10, hero rolls a 10 exactly…judged to cost an extra square of movement).  Clear of one trooper, he runs face to face into the other.  The soldier attempts to grab our hero but misses.  With his direct path cut off and not wanting to go back, our hero charges into the soldier (strength vs strength) and knocks the now hapless trooper on his butt.  Our hero uses the opportunity to dash out onto the last platform and slaps the security door button as he runs past the security station.  As one trooper tries to get up, the other gets one last shot that hits and scores enough damage to hurt our hero but not slow him down.  Our hero leaves the security area and quickly blends in with the crowds in the main terminal. (Success-5, Failure-2)

All together, this was a very near-run job for our hero.  After delivering the schedule to his contact, our hero starts looking around for a few comrades….

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