Traveller Character – Lady Zise (Baroness)

At age 18, Lady Zise had nobility and an average life (UPP 48888C).  Looking for a bit of some adventure, she joins the Merchant Guild and quickly is commissioned as a 4th Officer.  What follows is a long-if-not-distinguished career.  After 9 terms, Lady Zise is now 54 years old and a retired 2nd Officer.  She has not aged gracefully (UPP 2659AC) and has possessions that are not exactly what you expect from a noble (Dagger, Cutlass, and Body Pistol).  She does have 47,000cr in the bank and a pension of 12,000cr a year – not enough to sustain a lifestyle suitable for her nobility.  But she has meet another fellow Traveller who goes by the name of General Norton….

(Character generated using the Traveller Character Generator)

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