Traveller Character – General Norton

Grognardia pointed me to a Traveller Character Generation program.  Really fun as Traveller CharGen is one of the only rpg systems out there where you can DIE in CharGen!

So I tried the program and now have a new character/NPC to use.  Starting out with a UPP of 989344 didn’t look promising, especially given an intelligence of 3 out of 15 possible (7 being average).  So Norton joins the Army and not only is accepted, but becomes an officer in his first term (this is so much like real life, eh?).  By his third term he was promoted to Captain, Major in term 4, Lt Colonel in term 5, Colonel in term 6, and GENERAL in term 7!  After nine terms of service (36 years) he retires.

So now we have General Norton, UPP 776497, with a pension of 12,000 credits a year plus another 67,000 credits in the bank.  For a General he noticably lacks skills; no Leadership or Tactics or the like.  He does have Brawling-3…obviously he subscribes to the school of Leadership-by-Fists!

At 54 years old, I see General Norton as the type of guy that angles to lead a small backwater world army or mercenary force.  Definately low-tech…he doesn’t get his message across with sugar but with bloodly knuckles!

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