Traveller: Mini Battle

“Hey Amanda, you see anything yet?” Derek was anxious, but didn’t want to show it. His ship, the Scoutship Wanderer, was sitting far from Cardpu IV. Just being here was unusual, and bound to attract attention. Especially since his client was late.

Amanda was hunched over her sensors. “You said our guy was coming out in a Pinnace, right? Well, I don’t see a Pinnace but I do see what could be a small fighter headed outbound like he had a plasma torch under his seat.”

“Not good,” Derek said. He glanced to his right where his all-around spacehand Misha was already getting up.

“I think I’ll check out the laser alignment in the turret, ‘k boss?” Misha had a sly smile on his face.

“Amanda, the jump plot is good?” Derek was already figuring they might have to scram fast.

“Good to go…ohh,” Amanda exclaimed. “Looks like the fighter is firing at something but I can’t get a good read on the target. Bet our guy has to change his pants now!”

Time seemed to creep by. The fighter kept coming. “Contact,” Amanda called out. “Our guy is real close, and the fighter is not far behind! Wow! He just got hit! I could see the flare of the laser against his hull!”

Derek quickly matched vectors with the Pinnace. The fighter close and took a shot at the scoutship. The laser beam missed, probably because fire from the lasers in the turret threw the pilot off.

The Pinnace pilot was good, and it quickly docked with Wanderer. Amanda was already at the airlock, and Derek watched the display as the airlock cycled. “Package aboard,” Amanda called out.

Derek had already dropped the now useless Pinnace and was pushing Wanderer’s engines into their red zones. “Misha, I need time. We are still within the 100-D limit. I don’t want to jump from here.” Misha responded by firing again from the turret. Wanderer shook from a glancing laser hit that did no damage.

Misha took another shot, and it was good. Even on the visual display you could see the fuel vapors escaping from the now nearly crippled fighter. He tried to keep up, but shortly the fighter stopped thrusting and went dead in space.

“That was close,” Derek was now looking at the gentleman from the Pinnace who had sat down in the co-pilot seat. Behind him Amada set up the final jump procedures. Misha soon joined them, using a towel to wipe sweat from his brow.

“You have done more than you know,” the stranger spoke. “Just wait until the Duke hears what I have to say.”

Small space combat battle fought using Traveller Core Rules. Wanderer is Type-S Scout. Pinnace and Light Fighter are from Core Rulebook.

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