The Russians are Coming…to Jeju?

Russian Fisheries Ship
Russian Fisheries Ship

S. Korea, Russia Conduct Joint Maritime Drill
Sept. 29, JEJU, South Korea — A Russian 2,0000-ton-class patrol ship is moored on seas off South Korea’s southernmost island of Jeju. The ship is here for a four-day joint drill between the South Korean and Russian coast guard starting Sept. 29. (Yonhap)

I love it when the press can’t get even the most basic of facts right.  This ship appears to be Shikiper Gek, one of four Komador-class fisheries protection ships assigned to the Russian Federal Border Guard in the Pacific.  He was built in 1989 and comes in at 2,425t full load.  You can see the folding sides of the helo deck.  Note also the engine exhaust aft.

Russian Crew
Russian Crew

Interestingly, this picture also appeared, with the same caption. 

This is not the same ship, but instead appears to be a Svetlyak-class patrol craft (WPC).  The gun forward may be a 76mm AK-176M; at least that is what this class is credited with in Combat Fleets.

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