ROKN Aegis

ROKN Fleet Review
ROKN Fleet Review

Fleet Review Rehearsal: The Navy’s 7,600-ton KDX-III Aegis destroyer, forefront, sails in waters off Busan Friday, along with other destroyers during a rehearsal for an international fleet review in the port city from Oct. 5 to 10. The Navy launched its first of three planned Aegis-equipped destroyers, Sejong the Great, last year and plans to deploy the remaining two by 2012. The Aegis Combat System built by Lockheed Martin is the world’s premier surface-to-air/fire-control system, capable of simultaneous operations against aircraft, ballistic and cruise missiles, ships and submarines. (Korea Times).

This looks to be a KDX series line ahead formation.  DDG-991 leads the way, the first of the three-ship KDX-III class.  Second in line appears to be a KDX-II class DD (note the square RAM launcher seen just beneath the radome).  Bringing up the rear is a KDX-I class DD.  Overall a good demonstration as to where the ROKN has gone over the past 10 years.  The first KDX-I (3,855t FL) entered service in 1998.  The first KDX-II (5,000t FL) entered service in 2003, and the the first of the 7,600t KDX-III entered service this year.

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