Starmada Arrives

RPGNow had a special on a new miniatures rules set for space combat called Starmada: The Admiralty Edition (SAE). Couldn’t pass this one since it looked so good and there had been several good reviews.

Wish I had.

The ‘to hit’ and damage resolution systems are relatively clean, but have a few quirks that, well, are quirky. On the other hand, the movement rules require more than basic math (“absolute difference”?), the firing arcs are very non-standard, and the ship construction rules require a scientific calculator (sorry, I can’t figure 5 to the power of 1.7 in my head).

Better off sticking to Full Thrust.

A part of me really  wants to like this game because the company (Majestic 12 Games) is in Castle Rock, Colorado.  Unfortunately, SAE tries to be too much like Full Thrust; a generic, multi-genre starship combat game, but in the end SAE can’t beat the simplicity, yet depth, of Full Thrust.

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