Hell Week

This has been a horrible week.

T is getting ready for First Communion, but needs to memorize prayers. This is near impossible for him. Working three or more HOURS every night and he barely remembers a 4-line prayer. Mom is at her wits ends, I am explosive, and all the other kids are running for cover.

First, he has no comprehension of what the words are, much less what they mean when put together. Second, he can’t even pronounce several of the words even after being drilled 100 times (I know because I was so mad we said it together 100 times in a row).

To top it off he has not brought homework home for three days. Claims he had none, but checking Parent Connection shows two outstanding assignments.

When confronted Wednesday night, he couldn’t explain to Mom and me what a lie was, or even what the truth is. What followed was a painful one hour trying to teach him (again) what he should already know. Then again tonight, when confronted (again) with his missing homework he couldn’t explain what happened to the assignments. I then blew up at him because his prayer sheet was folded many times (to the point of being near-unreadable). When asked who folded it, he said “I don’t know.” I asked him (again) what a lie is and (again) he could not tell me.

Autism is too stressful.

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