October 2020 #Wargame #Boardgame #RPG #Books Month in Review

Games Played & Times Played

Note that Here to Slay included the Warriors & Druids Expansion

Games Acquired

  1. Iron Curtain: Central Europe, 1945-1989 (Standard Combat Series, MultiMan Publishing, 2020)
  2. Star Wars: Rebellion (Fantasy Flight Games, 2016)
  3. Konigsberg: The Soviet Attack on East Prussia, 1945 (Revolution Games, 2018)
  4. Corps Command: Dawn’s Early Light (Lock ‘n Load Publishing, 2010)
  5. Nations at War: White Star Rising (Lock ‘n Load Publishing, 2010)
  6. Nations at War: White Star Rising – Airborne (Lock ‘n Load Publishing, 2012)
  7. Nations at War: White Star Rising – Operation Cobra (Lock ‘n Load Publishing, 2012)
  8. Here to Slay: Warriors & Druid Expansion (Unstable Games, 2020)
  9. Moonrakers (IV Games, 2020)
  10. Cortex Prime: Game Handbook (Fandom Inc., 2020)
  11. Hell’s Paradise (A Clement Sector adventure from Independence Games, 2018)

New Preorder Games

Key Reading

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October final SITREP – too many incoming #wargames, too few games played

ACTUALLY, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TOO MANY WARGAMES. That said, October was a month of heavy pre-order and Kickstarter fulfillment along with some purchases but few actual plays.



Agents of Mayhem: Pride of Babylon (Academy Games, 2019). Kickstarter including the Bombshells Team, Firing Squad, Get Gaunt, and Hammersmith expansions. This is definitely a lifestyle boardgame because the game is a table hog and takes a long time to set up and tear down. The tutorials are excellent; I played through them solo and want to walk the RockyMountainNavy Boys through it together.

Courtesy GMT Games

Next War: Poland (GMT Games, 2017). A gift to myself. Given its relevance to current events I consider this game “professional research.”


Blue Water Navy (Compass Games, 2019). Another present to myself. I held off on ordering this because of the long play time. Glad I got it for it brings back memories of my early days in the US Navy. I trained for this; how well can I do?


Pavlov’s House, 2nd Edition (DVG, 2019) and Castle Itter (DVG, 2019). Kickstarter fulfillment. Both are a classic ‘castle defense’ game with a very wargame twist (or is it the other way around?). These may be my new go-to solo games.


MBT: 4CMBG (GMT Games, 2019). Expansion for MBT that adds the Canadians, eh! Another one of my Cold War Gone Hot wargames added this year.


October was another sparse month of play. New fiscal year means lots of new initiatives at the office that have to be done soonest, of course.


Over half the plays this month were actually rules explorations, a tutorial series, or playtesting. I actually only played five (5) games competitively. Of those, the two Hold the Line: The American Revolution (Worthington Publishing, 2019) stand out because Middle RockyMountainNavy Boy continues to dominate when on defense. It will be interesting to see how he does when we get around to switching sides and he is on the offense!


In October I didn’t make much progress on my 2019 Gaming Challenges. In order to finish My 2019 Wargame Challenge – The CSR I am going to have to play four more games (Downtown: Air War Over Hanoi, 1965-1972 (GMT Games, 2004); Elusive Victory: The Air War over the Suez Canal, 1967-1973 (GMT Games, 2009); Bloody April, 1917: Air War Over Arras, France (GMT Games, 2012); and Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game (FFG, 2012)).  I am going to make an executive decision and declare that my first game of the new Red Storm: The Air War Over Central Germany, 1987 (GMT Games, 2019) is a legal substitute for Downtown and Elusive Victory since they all share a common lineage.


My 2019 Origins Challenge is three game plays short of finish. Here I have to get a game of Star Wars: Imperial Assault (FFG, 2016) in as well as Happy Salmon (North Star Games, 2017) and Root (Leder Games, 2018).

My 2019 Boardgame Challenge – The Golden Geek likewise is still four plays short. In this case it’s Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game (FFG, 2012); Patchwork (Mayfair, 2014); 878 Vikings: Invasions of England (Academy Games, 2017); and Root (Leder Games, 2018). X-Wing is a double-kill with my CSR challenge as is Root with my Origins challenge. I really want to play Patchwork with Mrs. RockyMountainNavy but she is overseas at the moment.

Courtesy Mayfair Games


As many games delivered or fulfilled this month, the stretch to the end of the year looks favorable for several more preorders and Kickstarters to fulfill:

All images by self unless otherwise credited

October ends with a Silver Bayonet charge from @gmtgames & Dad is the real King(domino) (@BlueOrangeGames)

October 2018

My October gaming featured 20 plays of 11 different games. Actually, I played 19 times with 10 games and one expansion. Or two expansions? Confusing. The ability to tie an expansion to a game is a needed upgrade to BoardGameStats to avoid this very confusion.

GMT Games

The top game of the month was Silver Bayonet: The First Team in Vietnam, 1965 (25th Anniversary Edition) (GMT Games, 2016). I played this game six times in the one week it was in the house this month making it currently tied for my second-most played wargame of 2018. I like the game so much I wrote about my out-of-the-box impressions, theme, and game mechanics.

DFILK233QhiVw9QZAigEhAThere was one special game this month, Kingdomino (Blue Orange Games, 2017). My father, aged 88 years and a veteran of the Korean War, visited our area as part of an Honor Flight group. After dinner one night the RockyMountainNavy Boys got to sit down and play a single game of Kingdomino with him. When we lived closer to him we played many games togther. I remember one early game where he sat down and played Blokus with the kids. As the kids racked up the points Dad sat there pondering the board until he finally asked, “How do you win?” To him a game is always a puzzle to be solved; it was supposed to have a “key” to unlock it. He never did figure out the key to Blokus, though over the years he did play several games of Ticket to Ride with the kids (and often held his own). Given my dad’s age and general health, and the fact he lives on the opposite side of the country, this very well could be the last game the RockyMountainNavy Boys play with him. Thanks to boardgaming we have several good memories of times with him.

How’d it suddenly get so dusty in here?


#GamesPlayed October 2017

BoardGameGeek My Played

October 2017 was actually a relatively game-filled month for me. Of my twelve games played, nine were “actual plays” while three are what I call “rules exploration” or “familiarization play.”

The Saturday Game Night was mostly boardgames (i.e. not wargames) with Terraforming  Mars getting to the table two weeks in a row. In a lucky turn of events, what should of been a “familiarization play” of Command & Colors: Tricorne became an actual play.

I got two good solo plays in, The Expanse Board Game and Pacific Fury. I really need to get more wargaming going. With the coming of winter (hard to tell with unseasonable upper 70’s outside) I hopefully will get more tabletop time to do so.

Looking forward to November, my niece will be visiting. Last time she was here she became obsessed with Ticket to Ride. This time the RockyMountainNavy Boys want to get Scythe to the table with her. We shall see.