#ThreatTuesday – The sky is falling…with SKYFALL via @CovertShores

HI Sutton over at Covert Shores has a “look” at possible preparations by the Russians to test their nuclear-powered cruise missile, codenamed SKYFALL. At least one previous missile test ended in a failure. Talk about a hot topic…

Wargamers may be interested in gaming out an intercept of this weapon. Not only do you have to find it, intercept it, and shoot it down but you need to do it in a manner that 1) Doesn’t irradiate yourself and 2) Brings it down away from a populated place and 3) Helps you file the Environmental Impact Statement for the debris field.

See “SKYFALL Imminent: Signs Of Russia’s Next Nuclear-Powered Missile Test” via Covert Shores.

Feature image courtesy HI Sutton.

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