TTRPG Roll 23-20 – I visited the DriveThru and all I got was this pdf…

So I was perusing DriveThruRPG as I sometimes do and ended up with a few (honestly, just a few!) new downloads.

Cepheus Engine

A few “generic” Cepheus Engine products to drop-in for adventure or worldbuilding.

Fighter Design and Combat Rules (Monachus Press, 2023). Generic but useful? Well, it was cheap.

Quick Ship File: Qwad Urm Class System Defense Destroyer (Moon Toad Publishing, 2023). The latest illustrated by Ian Stead.

Moon Toad Publishing

Doomsday Soldier (Cepheus Engine, RPG Ramblings Publishing)

Just as HOSTILE is the Cepheus Engine version of ALIEN: The Roleplaying Game so Doomsday Soldier is the Cepheus Engine version of Twilight: 2000. I’m going to have much more to say about this neat little package later.

Doomsday Soldier Book 1: Character Creation (2020). Calling itself “An RPG about soldier after the Apocalypse.” The author talks about two RPGs from the 1980s that inspired him; Twilight: 2000 and The Morrow Project.

RPG Ramblings

Doomsday Soldier Book 2: Personal Combat Rules (2020). From the cover: “RPG rules for supporting military-themed adventures in modern apocalypse.”

The Declassified Files: Rules for Social Encounters (2020). From the cover: “A set of rules loosely based on B/X written to work seamlessly for the Cepheus Engine and OSR games.”

HOSTILE (Cepheus Engine, Zozer Games)

Alien Breeds (2020). The Zozer Games HOSTILE setting version of the Xenomorph.

Zozer Games

Marine Corps Handbook 2215 (2021). The Zozer Games HOSTILE setting version of the Colonial Marines.

With ALIEN: The Roleplaying Game from Free League you might think I don’t need the Cepheus Engine version as found in HOSTILE from Zozer Games…and you’d be wrong.

Feature image courtesy Ian Stead via Moon Toad Publishing

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